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Thrive is new venture with immigrants

Thrive International, a nonprofit empowering multicultural immigrants and citizens to thrive together has launched in Spokane.

"Globally, we are experiencing the largest migration of people in history with many fleeing violence such as in Ukraine and others seeking opportunities and needing help to survive materially, socially and spiritually in new communities," said Mark Finney, executive director.

"Our mission is to move local refugees and immigrants from surviving to thriving in two ways: empowering local multicultural communities in Spokane and equipping leaders internationally who care for similar refugee and immigrant communities," he said.

They will have education programs, work opportunities and events to create mutual transformation for refugees and citizens to learn and thrive together. There will be a focus on youth and adolescents—a significant portion of refugees—through sports camps, a youth choir and weekly meetings, he said.

Another focus is refugee women, who are often overlooked. Thrive will offer a driving class and support for grocery shopping with a translator.

"Our community will never reach its potential unless its multicultural communities are thriving," said Mark, former director of World Relief Spokane.

To offer physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual support, Thrive will collaborate with other organizations to develop program, such as serving local Afghan evacuees who fled Kabul and more than 100 families who have arrived from Ukraine without government support.

In addition to Mark, Thrive's co-founders include Saw Gary, Jim CastroLang, Daryoosh Kabeer, Sajda Nelson, Marshall McLean, Jackson Lino and Shannon Price.

As a new nonprofit, Thrive International is seeking donations to do its work.

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