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Artist grateful for Jonah Project's help in hard time


Adam Bodhi, a local artist, will be having a Meet and Greet in collaboration with the Jonah Project from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 11, at the Shadle Library.

Adam seeks to share his story and art as a way for people to connect and raise funds for The Jonah Project, an organization working to end human trafficking.

"I'm interested in promoting The Jonah Project because they helped me at a crucial moment in my life and helped me change my life," said Adam.

Adam believes his experience as someone on the autism spectrum and as trans allows him to approach his art business and podcast in a different way.

"Since I've been co-hosting 'Relax Let Go Be,' a podcast that connects me with spirituality, I'm getting out of my shell more, breaking out of the box and sticking up for the little guy. My goal is to grow my company, a small art business, to help the community through activism."

During a period when he was homeless, Adam was trafficked by someone he met online who lured him with promises of an apartment.

He found his door out of homelessness was costly.

The Jonah Project assisted him so he could leave that situation and get back on his feet.

Starting in 2018, Adam had multiple art shows with Spokane libraries, the Queer Art Walk and Celebrate Inclusion for The Arc of Spokane.

Adam's medium is acrylic abstract, some on canvas and some on metal, where he uses and releases his negative energy in his paintings.

"On the podcast, I talk about how my Christianity and faith have allowed me to get through my life experiences, good or bad. I want to spread the message that God can help people solve their problems and move out of difficult situations and find God," Adam said.

"Part of my passion is to help people," Adam said. "The best way to do that is to sponsor nonprofits that assist people. Those are things I'm working towards.

"The main message is that I've been through a lot in my life, and I've worked hard to overcome many things," he said.

Now Adam wants to motivate people who struggle with things like abuse and human trafficking. Other people in the community and with similar stories can inspire others to live differently and even help people.

Adam, who advertises in The Fig Tree, recently worked with The Fig Tree to design a graphic being used for the 40th Anniversary Gala event on Sunday, April 28.

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