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Region’s summer camps designed in many models

Twinlow Camp’s mission projects draw youth groups from churches around the U.S.

Grade school campers learn sailing skills.  
Photo courtesy of Twinlow

At Twinlow, the Inland District United Methodist camp on Twin Lakes near Rathdrum, Idaho, one focus of its summer program is the Idaho Mission Project.  That program brings high school youth groups from around the country to serve with Elder Help, Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho, Second Harvest and other agencies.  Last year, 250 youth came and this year 300 have signed up, with 25 to 50 campers a week.

That camp is full with small groups coming every week for eight weeks from churches in Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma and other parts of the Western U.S., said Tyler Wagner, director at Twinlow Camp and Conference Center for six years. Five of 20 staff lead that program. Other staff work with volunteers.

For United Methodist children, there are three elementary, five middle school camps and one high school camp, plus counselors in training high school youth.

“I’m old school,” said Tyler.  “Camp is the most exciting part of church, and for the younger generation camp is an important part of church.  Churches want leadership for our congregations and the community.

“We see ourselves as the church’s front door, drawing in new people by offering a taste of church through camps, retreats and weekends,” he said. 

Twinlow teams also lead Community Day Camps at churches.

January is one of Twinlow’s busiest months with winter camps for youth to play in the snow.

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