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Sharing and savoring each others stories is a way to health in these times

How do I hold myself in these times?

When I was a very young Sister, I saw a quote that holds much wisdom, I try to live within it these days.

“That the birds of worry and care fly about your head, this you cannot prevent. That they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent.”

Today, I have to be so much more mindful of living what I say I believe, of maintaining my authenticity. 

I believe that I am connected to a part of all creation, and that every bit of creation tells me something about the Divine. 

I believe that people are wired for good and that we all do the best we can. 

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why would a good, rational person say, do, act in this way?”

Usually, I can find an answer, even for myself!

So how do I live in today’s climate and stay true to the person I am and am working to become?  How indeed?!

I pray for our leaders.

I pray for the followers and the protesters (of which I am one).

I try not to gobble up every bad thing that is said about or done by the administration, rejoice in their failings or hope they fail.

I try to limit my conversations to at least ambiguous if not positive comments.

If I am true to myself, I have to own my connection with every person. 

I have to know my boundaries but keep them permeable—light and love and peace in, light and love and peace out. 

I try, but I still watch MSNBC, not Fox news. 

It does occur to me that watching commentaries from another viewpoint may help me to strengthen my resolve to open my heart and mind. That seems a risk worth considering. 

It also seems important to savor good stories of people doing good things, just things, kind and inclusive things. 

I have heard that holding a thought or idea for 15 seconds increases the likelihood that it will be retained, so I do take time to savor the good stories. 

Perhaps the important thing is to be a good story.  In imitation of a long ago itinerant preacher of Good News in the midst of political unrest, I try.

Mary Ann Farley, SNJM- Contributor

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