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PNC summer camps focus on God in the everyday

The 2011 PNC summer camp programs will explore the theme, “Got Spirit?  Seeing God in the Everyday!”

Pilgrim Firs
Full body “Rock, Paper, Scissors” at a directors training at Bellevue First

The Outdoor Ministries Task Force and the camp directors began preparations for the camp season in January at an annual “training.”

“It was an opportunity for the amazing individuals who lead our camping programs in the summer to share ideas, discuss challenges they encounter and come up with ideas for how to approach those challenges,” said Sharon Linton of that task force.

Each year this is an invigorating way for all of those involved in running our camping programs to learn from one another and strengthen the programs year after year,” she said.   “Another important aspect of the time together is talking about recruiting counselors to staff the camps.”

Counselors are recruited from around the conference and can be from ages 21 to 91.

More important than age they must have an interest in working with children and youth campers on their faith journey, said Sharon.

Those interested in helping with summer camp programs are invited to email Linton at

N-Sid-Sen camps and retreats with dates and directors are: the Women’s Retreat, May 20 to 22, with Linda Crowe at Veradale and Lynn Nelson of Colfax;

• Work Camp, June 12 to 18;

• Kids, June 26 to 29, with Doris Northrup and Trudy Lambert of Veradale UCC;

• Intermediate Camp, July 10 to 16 with Bob Watrous of Shalom Richland and Kim Schulz of Tekoa;

• Senior High Aqua Camp, July 17 to 23, Lyn Stulz, Plymouth Seattle, and Sam Yeaw, Newport;

• Family Camp I, July 31 to August 6, with Meredith Peterson from Kirkland and Ryan Lambert of Corvallis, Ore.;

• Junior High Aqua Camp, August 7 to 13 with Dana Sprenkle and John Hubbe of Shalom in Richland, and

• Family Camp II, August 14 to 20, with Donald Schmidt at Admiral in Seattle.

Pilgrim Firs Camps are Work Camp, May 27 to 30; Spiritual Renewal (GLBTQ), June 3 to 5; the PNC Leadership Retreat, June 17 to 19, and  Young Adult Retreat, June 24 to 26;

• Senior High Camp, July 3 to 9 with Andrew Shanafelt and Jenna Veatch;

• Junior High Camp, July 10 to 16 with Mark Boyd of United Churches in Olympia;

• Intermediate Camp, July 17 to 23 with Stephen Haddon of Tolt UCC in Carnation; 

• Kids Camp, July 24 to 27 with Kaila Russell of Tolt and Katie Lloyd of Northshore in Woodenville, and

• Family Camp, Aug. 21 to 25.

Kids Camps are for children entering second, third and fourth grades; Intermediate Camps, for those entering fifth and sixth grades; Junior High Aqua Camp, for those entering seventh, eighth and ninth grades, and Senior High Aqua Camp, for those entering 10th, 11th, 12th grades and youth just graduating high school.

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Outdoor Ministries appeals for clergy to participate in

By Tamara Roberts

The Outdoor Ministries Task Force on which I serve is calling for pastors to come to camp.

It is the best job in the world.  Each Summer, I make my way across the mountains to Camp N-Sid-Sen on Lake Coeur d¹Alene, where I spend a week singing and dancing, working and playing, worshipping and deepening my faith in community with the campers and staff of Senior High Aqua Camp.

I watch teens strengthen friendships, grow their skills and confidence, and take time to listen for God in their lives.  Every year I am amazed and grateful to witness all that a week can be.  

I read a study undertaken by the Jewish Federation in which they were trying to figure out what factors brought Jew to congregational life as adults. 

The single biggest—and only clear—factor is whether the individual went to camp as a child or youth.  Reading that study confirmed what I knew intuitively: there is no better place for discovering genuine loving community, one¹s true self and the Holy than at camp. 

While many fabulous and faithful lay people make camp a wonderful place for the young people of our conference, many of them admit they feel out of their depth when it comes to talking about God. 

As camp chaplain, I bring my gifts for theological reflection to a week of finding God in the beauty all around us, among us and within us.

I get to be with a camp full of teenagers, inviting and cajoling, inspiring and befriending, always listening deeply to my fellow campers and for the still speaking God. 

Every session of camp at N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs would be enriched by clergy coming alongside directors and counselors, bringing their gifts and skills to the mix.   -

For information on becoming part of the PNCUCC Outdoor Ministries contact Sharon Linton, task force chair, at or the camp managers at or


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