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Team of nine AmeriCorps members in the Civilian Community Corps clear trails, do fire mitigation and beautification at N-Sid-Sen.

Nine-member youth team cleans N-Sid-Sen grounds for fire mitigation and beautification in November and December.
Dee Eisenhauer explains storyof Pia the Peacekeeper troll statue in Bainbridge Island park at interfaithThanksgiving service.
Pullman church makes quilt during worship to convey concern about the issue of banning books and limiting access to education.
Faith Action Network begins work on advocacy priorities in state legislsture for the 2024 short session.
Corey Passons led workshops at Parliament of World Religions from experience as interfaith pastor and interfaith organizer.
Tolt UCC in Carnation offers food bank, take-out meals, clothing bank, aid fund, preschool program and dementia club.
Indigo Brown announces report on search and plans for Annual Meeting at Plymouth UCC in Seattle April 26 to 28.
Acting Conference Minister Jonna Jensen asks PNC members what is pulling them "beyond believing."
N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs announce plans for spring retreats and summer camping sessions for 2024.
Mary Stamp marks 40th year of editing The Fig Tree ecumenical newspaper. She has also edited PNC-UCC news since 1988.
Guemes Island UCC hosts social justice art show and passes statement on the war in Israel and Palestine.
Bainbridge Islands pastors hold peace vigil in Sakai Park. Local rabbi sums up sentiments of many of those who gathered.
Elizabeth Maupin reports on Parliament of World Religions. She attended because of role with Issaqual interfaith council.
PNC Board continues seeks to improve communication with connecting to each of the PNC committees and staff.
Winter news briefs report on clergy transitions, WRYE recruitment, and Justice Leadership Programs for 2024.