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November-December 2015

bob evans Emerge 'N See UCC started in Sandpoint installs Bob Evans as its pastor.
colville sign Colville First Congregational UCC faces hate incidents, receives messages of support.
kmbris bond Kmbris Bond helps Ten Thousand Villages Store in Seattle be successful.
tunk fire Images of areas damages by fire raise questions and offer opportunities for response.
mike denton Mike Denton discusses new metrics for measuring lives of congregations.

Annual Meeting

Theme for Annual Meeting in Wenatchee is 'Out on a Limb.'
eliza penik Eliza Penick promotes Heifer International projects to address poverty and community.
ken and james REACH is the expression of ecumenism through outreach to serve people in Renton.
Tom Sorenson Tom Sorenson writes book to introduce Bible, teaches classes on Russia-Ukraine relations.
bob porter Bob Porter returns to Sri Lanka 17 years after he served there as a missionary.
news briefs News of the Conference includes clergy transitions and educational events.

John Dorhauer

John Dorhauer, UCC president, visits in Conference.


Midwinter Retreats planned at Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.


September-October 2015

daytonbell Dayton UCC church restores bell that calls people together to worship and to pray.
peace cranes Peace cranes travel to UCC churches in communities experiencing shootings.
peace flags Pilgrim Firs campers learn about experiences of Syrian youth in refugee camps.
wade zick Wade Zick begins as new managing director at Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center.
ann aidson Ann Eidson reports on June Intentional Interim Ministry Network Conference.
mike denton MIke Denton suggests five ideas and observations from church and clergy transitions.

Korea invites delegates

Global partners in Seoul invite UCC and Disciples to send regional delegation in May.
virtacrouchbarber Communities of Practice offers clergy small groups for learning and support.
justice interns Justice leadership interns begin 2015-16 year of serving agencies and churches.
nsidsen Senior high co-director says camps reenergize youth and give solid base for life back home.
cross at nsidsen Mark Boyd prepares camp to serve region in disasters such as summer of wildfires.
blaine ucc Blaine UCC opened its vacation Bible school to include adults, as well as children.
news briefs News briefs report onclergy transitions, Environmental Justice workshop and other events.

Crowes join in camps

Randy and Linda Crowe returnto the PNC and share in work and leadership of several camps.

Wildfire response develops

Mike Denton discussesopportunities for PNC members to respond to wildfire disaster.


June-July 2015

cecilia mckean Walla Walla First startssmall groups to strengthen relationships among members.
hillary honah Justice Leadership interns complete their year of service and advocacy in August.
john deckenback John Deckenback reflectson history of missionaries and churches in Inland NW.
robbie paul Robbie Paul shares storyof Coyote and imparts wisdom from Nez Perce perspectives.
michelle wendy Hearing discussion looksat budget for coming year and its implications for PNC ministries.
tom kobin Marshall Islands UCCshares with Annual Meeting its music and story of its islands.
mike denton Mike Denton continueshis reflections on dynamics of wearing a clergy collar.
nsidsenstaff N-Sid-Sen welcomes youngadults from three countries through Camp America.
mimi land Leadership Retreat popsmyths about PNC communication and offers solutions
quinn caldwell Quinn Caldwell saysUCC is uniquely situated to transform mainline churches.
ritzville Ritzville church grievesand holds Lenten study to discuss their experiences.
roger ralston Roger Ralston createsfour art pieces for the Annual Meeting, depicting the four apostles.
photo page Worship, music, processions, lanterns, table toys, drumming and relationships mark meeting.
annual meeting Annual Meeting adoptsbudget, resolutions and bylaws, and elects new leaders.



April-May 2015

dee eisenhauer Dee Eisenhauer visits Holy Land for first time to learn more about Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
amberdickson Amber Dickson gains insights into issues that affect people as Faith Action Network intern.
table turning Turning Tables Monday challenges dispropotionate incarceration of black youth.
ucucc signers University Congregational proposes resolution on Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
mozambique road Global Ministries offers opportunities to learn about East Timor and Mozambique.
annual meeting Annual Meeting to discuss resolutions on fossil energy and Palestinian occupation.
plymouth sanctuary Plymouth Seattle renovates sanctuary to improve acoustics for new organ and for flexibility.
prayer flags Prayer flags peace messages connect junior high campers and Syrian refugee youth in Jordan.
richmond beach Richmond Beach UCC hosts homeless encampment for 90 days this spring.
rominger Mercer Island UCC calls former general secretary of United Reformed Church in UK.
midwinter Mark Boyd reports on Midwinter retreat and anticipates summer camping season.
denton Mike Denton shares his observations about using a clergy collar in first of two-parts.
news briefs Conference transitions and events announced, including Environmental Justice Training.


February-March 2015

walmart letter All Pilgrims Church supports Walmart and other workers seeking living wages.
mike denton Mike Denton discusses the dynamics of congregations becoming engaged in advocacy.
mike denton MIke Denton believesway church conflicts are handled is a critical issue.
annual meeting Scott Ward invites members of PNC to Annual Meeting 2015 in Spokane.
YASC interns Young adult internsengage in advocacy for affordable housing and homeless individuals.
camps N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs prepare for retreats and upcoming summer camps.
Global MInistries Committee writes letter of solidarity to a church in Seoul, South Korea.
news briefs PNC announces transitions, educational events .


December 2014

anna jenkins Instruments of Peace provides varied genre of music for worship and secular events.
bob anderson Bob Anderson announces that he will retire June 2015 as CEO of Horizon House.
labyrinth Guemes Island UCC marks its 100th anniversary by creating a labyrinth and renovating foyer.
n-sid-sen sunset Mark Boyd encourages people coming to camp to focus on three words: breathe, listen and passion.
mike denton MIke Denton reflectson roles of rites and rituals in faith journeys.
annual meeting Quinn Caldwell will speak at Annual Meeting 2015, which will offer 15-minute workshops.
mark schoesler Ritzville UCC member leads State Senate Majority Coalition for next two years.
lois whysong Lois Farnsworth-Whysong helps rewritehatonal UCC Manual on Ministry.
tara barger Three from PNC attend national UCC workshop on Authorizing Ministry.
deeg nelson Deeg Nelson will leave Pilgrim Firs role to work in Olympia to promote environmental health.
news briefs PNC announces transitions, advocacy event, midwinter retreats, justice leadership study and more.
men's retreat The Men's Retrest theme is 'Exploring Paths to Mature Manhood.'


September-October 2014

sunset dance Number of campers upslightly in 2014. N-Sid-Sen activities inspire campers and counselors.
kumbayah Pilgrim Firs used Bobthe Sock Monkey for promotions and to welcome campers.
greenteam Keystone Green Team joinsin People's Climate March Sept. 21 in Seattle.
spokanealliance Westminster UCC participatesin the Spokane Alliance to address child care, mental health and safe sick leave issues.
news News briefs include news of training opportunities, events and transitions.
andycastrolang Andy CastroLang reports as conference moderator on board plans to visit congregations.
justiceleadershi[ Young adult interns embarkon year of service in justice-based agencies and churches.
alison stendahl Alison Stendahl sharesiabout history and mission in Turkey as she visits area churches.
games Western Regional Youth Event drew 300 youth for workshops, worship and service.
mike denton Mike Denton reminds pastorsof the need for self-care as part of boundary training.


June-July 2014

andy castrolang Annual Meeting approves new leaders, budget and two resolutions.
cathy gunstone Cathy Gunstone makes quilting into a ministry, incorporating color and art.
deeg and mark Camp managers anticipateimprovements needed for Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.
linda gasparec Linda Gasparec immersed herself in the multicultural diversity of church at Bossey.
alison stendahl Alison Stendahl will visit PNC in September to tell of mission work 34 years in Turkey.
mike denton Mike Denton says that ministry is about letting go to allow oneself to be shaped.
solar panels University Congregational installs solar panels to save on energy and produce energy.
lillian daniel Speakers examine culture of the church today in Annual Meeting sermons and keynotes.
jenn hagedorn Jenn Hagedorn begins education for congregations on need for living wage.
aleni tonuao Aleni Tonuao pleased to join Pacific NW Conference with New Beginnings Samoan Church.
stuckart and denton Spokane Alliance introduces issues on aging, mental health, child care and paid sick leave.
mike denton MIke Denton reports on life of the conference and preaches on his journey into the UCC.
news briefs Summer News Briefs includereports on transitions, events and opportunities.


April-May 2014

marymackay The Fig Tree marks 30 years of publication made possible by the assistance of many from the UCC.
camps Camps gear up for summer season and for Western Regional Youth Event.
walla walla Walla Walla church celebrates 150th anniversary throughout 2014.
mike denton Mike Denton shares value of WRYE as a regional church gathering for youth.
chairs Magnolia yard art draws interest of neighbors and church members.
rupert and shook Adult forum hears journal of a soldier in Iraq, sharing realities of war and coming home.
annual meeting Annual Meeting is to nurture friendships and relationships among PNC churches.
news briefs Conference churches offer variety of educational events for members and their communities.


February-March 2014

nsssunset Camps use Facebook to communicate with campers and keep up enthusiasm.
catherine foote Catherine Foote invites her urban church's members to her farm.
Cheney UCC screen Cheney UCC finds ministries in new projection and audio systems.
mike denton Despite low ratings in polls, members continue to be the church and serve.
Briana and Jenn Plymouth UCC promotes living wage ministry with Church Council of Greater Seattle.
Erik and Kim Free Mission partners share their plans to begin serving with Global Ministries in Mozambique.
Annual meeting speakers Two women are featured speakers for the 2014 Annual Meeting April 25 to 27 in Seattle.
newsbriefs News briefs report on transitions, youth events, clergy retreat and lectures.


December 2013

Wayside UCC Wayside UCC rededicates its building after renovations to facilitate its ministries.
family camp Mark Boyd announces 2014 camp season dates, theme and plans.
Bill Kirlin-Hackett Interfaith Task Force seeks to create the political will to end homelessness.
mfanefile Mission partners recall their experiences in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was freed.

News Briefs

News of PNC includes reports on transitions, events and resources.
Ron Weightman Volunteers prepare meals, then share them with guests and listen to their stories.
new orleans Jim Spraker reports on fall visit to New Orleans to see how recovery from Katrina is going.
duwamish Environmental Justice camp in February will train people to train others.
Annual Meeting "Welcome Home" is theme for 2014 Annual Meeting April 25 to 27 in Seattle.
mike denton Mike Denton discusses what to do when there are conflicts in a congregation.

September-October 2013

interns Young adult interns engage in justice agencies and life of local congregations in Seattle.
ana and tod gobledale Mission associates share about life in two churches they serve in London, England.
clint cannon Ruth Cannon gives gift to honor her late husband, Clint Cannon's, involvement in global ministries.
Meighan Pritchard

Meighan Pritchard is now the UCC minister of environmental justice.

Totem Pole

Lummi Totem Pole Journey is a peaceful way to challenge coal export terminal on sacred land.
marj johnston Dayton UCC receives grant to train volunteers to help people apply for DSHS benefits online.


Liberation UCC and Eastgate UCCs worship together in August.
mike denton at synod PNC's delegates to Synod report on 17 resolutions, people and UCC decisions.
Linda gasparovic Linda Gasparovic will attend Bossey's Ecumenical Institute for semester of study.


Carlos Madrazo retires after 55 years of global ministries service.
warren johnson Warren Johnson serves as lay minister for the Forks Congregational UCC church.
mark boyd Mark Boyd expresses thanks to the many people who made the 2013 camping season possible.

News Briefs

News around the Conference covers transitions, events and opportunities.

Advent book

John Indermark publishes book for Advent season from Dec. 1 to 26

June-July 2013

jaramillo Linda Jaramillo preaches on "Masks and Mirrors" to urge involvement in ending oppression.
craswell Jeni Craswell facilitates PNC leaders in plans for coming year and commitment to specific tasks.
haney Young adult interns increase the capacity of social justice advocacy agencies they serve in Seattle.
sorenson Conference sends more than 300 rainbow scarves for national UCC anti-bullying project.
jones Kizzie Jones publishes award-winning children's book about dachshunds, sea creatures and values.
rigdon Couple use seder meal at wedding to educate about liberation through marriage equality.
communion Delegates adopt resolutions approve leaders and adopt budget that adds staff and consultant.
deeg and mark News Briefs include information on summer camps, transitions and upcoming events.
edwards Music takes on African-American tone with leadership by musicians at Eastgate and Liberation UCC.
mike and leo Mike Denton commits to continue ministry with conference as he begins three-month sabbatical.
pruitt Korean delegates present portrait of Mary Margaret and Paul Pruitt as part of 20th anniversary of ties.
chamberlin Stole maker displays stoles at Annual Meeting and shares story of pastor who inspired her work.
denton Mike Denton advisestaking time to live and love, to discover reality away from screens.

April-May 2013

port tour 16 from two UCC churches tour Port of Seattle and learn of environmental and justice issues.
Bob Bakke Prospect UCC upgrades lighting and sets lighting and heat on timers to save energy costs.
Jenn Hagedorn Intern gains insight into link between faith and justice in work at Church Council of Greater Seattle.


Monroe UCC changes lighting in sanctuary and fellowship hall.

Mike Denton

Is now the time for churches to partner to open conversation on guns.
Jim Castrolang Jim CastroLang shares ideas for improving experiences with technology for remote meetings.
magnolia uccc Magnolia UCC earns Energy Star rating for improvements and draws community to educational program.
Wally Prestbo Gardener and children grow food for Issaquah food bank as part of Spirit of Peace UCC mission.


University UCC continues process of energy upgrades.


News includes transitions, lecture series, opportunities, camp datesand more.


Delegates will vote on resolutions, join in workshops and worship.

February-March 2013

dee eisenhauer Dee Eisenhauer gives invocation for inauguration of Governor Jay Inslee.
Stephen Boyles Young adult intern serves with and learns about Faith Action Network advocacy efforts.
N-SId-Sen dock Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen prepare for retreat and camping season in spring and summer.
Mike Denton Mike Denton reflects on role of transparency and indignation in conflicts.
Jeffrey Mensendiek Jeffrey Mensendiek shares his mission work in Japan during recent itineration in region.
Marvin Eckfeldt Marvin Eckfeldt reports on Global Ministries Committee's work with itinerations, promoting Global Mission church covenants.
Meighan Pritchard Meighan Pritchard helps national UCC with its 4-1 Earth Care Campaign.


News Briefs include stories on transitions, events, opportunities, ONA vote at United Church in University Place


Linda Jaramillo of Justice and Witness Ministries is Annual Meeting speaker .


December 2012-January 2013

clergy rally

Gail Crouch organized UCC churches supporting marriage equality.

Liberation UCC Choir

UCC clergy witness by presence Dec. 6 at marriage license offices.

Debra Jarvis

Debra Jarvis is writer in residence at church and a UCC disaster chaplain.

N-Sid-Sen Camps

Mark Boyd enters adventure of managing N-Sid-Sen.

Junior High Aqua Campers

Campers dive into water and parables during Junior HIgh Aqua Camp.

Camp Singing

Impact of camps reaches lives of local congregations and campers.

Lee Anne Beres

Earth Ministry organizes faiths to voice concern about export of coal.


Randy and Linda Crowe report on coal trains passing through Spokane.

Young Adult Interns

National UCC interns serve in justice ministries and PNC churches in Seattle.

Marcia McLaughlin

Sculpture and bronze leaves call attention to homeless people in Seattle.

Alki tent

Tent on chancel for Advent represents Alki's concern about homeless families.

Jim Spraker

Delegation learns of issues partners in German churches are addressing.

Lorna Kropp

Faith Formation replaces Partners in Education for resourcing education shift.

National youth ministries

PNC sends lay leaders to national UCC network for youth ministers.

Donald Schmidt

Donald Schmidt shares new Bible translation with study guides.

Rich Gamble

Rich Gamble reflects ways churches and members can be "justice seekers."

Workshop Ideas

Justice & Witness offes workshops for justice education events.

Mike Denton

God calls us to embody our proclamation of love, faith and grace.


Transitions, retreats, events, mission trip to Korea,and Annual Meeting.

September-October 2012

lisa clar Lisa Clark at Bellevue First nourished as part of national UCC programs to encourage long-term ministries by younger clergy.
chris hanson PNC moderator Chris Hanson reports on the development of a mission and vision statement at the Leadership Retreat in May.
ed evans Ed Evans is ready to share about serving as a volunteer with Global Ministries teaching English to PNC partner pastors in Korea.
tom liddle Tom and Monica Liddle tell of their three years serving as Global MInistries partners serving in East Timor.
chip laird Delegates share ideas and concerns on issues related to the budget, resolutions and national church governance.
mike denton Mike Denton responds to questions on issues in the life of the Pacific Northwest Conference for his report to Annual Meeting.
tara barber Tara Barbare reports on PNC participation in the 2012 National Youth Event and a service project at a food bank in Indianapolis.

News Briefs

Transitions, events and opportunities for service and action.
ben guess workshop Ben Guess shares resources on faith formation in a workshop at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Richland.
ben guess Local Church Ministries exec preaches on his hope that new models of being church are emerging and will continue to emerg.
meighan pritchard As a UCC Environmental Justice Center, Pilgrim Firs models 'green' building practices with new roofs, insulation and other retrofits .
environmental justice retreat Environmental justice retreats help develop curricula trainees can replicate to train others in conferences around the U.S.
elizabeth dilleu Elizabeth Dilley preached and taught at Annual Meeting on small, remnant congregations.
brandon duran Brandon Duran and workshop participants discuss dynamics of immediacy, ethics and use of social networking by churches.
mike denton Mike Denton's column shares a letter extolling youth participants in the National Youth Event during July in Indianapolis.
N-Sid-Sen staff N-Sid-Sen staff retire and new leaders take on tasks as managing director—Mark Boyd—and cook—Coby Woodruff.

April-May 2012

erikstrommen2 Erik Strommen finds technology helps connect people who might otherwise be isolated from their congregation.
brandonduran Moderator focuses on building covenant relationships among congregations and with the conference.
gale peterson Partners in Education offer advice and resources for churches to develop Safe Church or Safe Conduct Guidelines.
annual meeting Annual Meeting has business, spiritual sides as the Conference gathers April 17 to 19 in Pasco.
patsonnenstuhl Volunteer webmaster helps United Churches work with consultant to re-design the church's website so it's more interactive.
Mike Denton Mike Denton invites churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

News Briefs

News Briefs offer transitions, trainings, retreats and camp dates.

February-March 2012

mark boyd Mark Boyd has been named the director on N-Sid-Sen camp and conference center. April events will honor Randy Crowe's service.
Ann Eidson Ann Eidson was among those who testified in favor of a bill for marriage equality before the state legislature.
Mike Denton Mike Denton challenges churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

News Briefs

Upcoming events include Just Faith program, FaithTrust webinar, Justice LED trainings, Preaching Festival and more.
Jerry Montgomery Jerry Montgomery helps churches adopt soldiers serving in Afghanistan and keeps them in contact through online media.
Las Posadas Keystone UCC helps activate neighborhood to join Occupy Movement in family-friendly ways to do justice.
Linda Crowe Veradale and Mercer Island UCC churches each voted recently to be Open and Affirming.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting keynoters look at church from rural and national perspectives to help people "Connect."


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