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Jubilee Justice recruits, reports on Justice Leadership

Justice Leadership Jubilee, a program of the PNCUCC, which is designed to help people grow in their justice advocacy skills and focus, is welcoming applications for 2019-2020 Jubilee participants.

Jan von Lehe is advocating with Earth Ministry in Olympia.

Photos courtesy of Christine Hanson

Jubilee is an intentional 10-month commitment for adults who want to develop their faith and learn systemic change skills with a community of their peers.

Christine Hanson, the program manager for Justice Leadership Jubilee, said the experience involves:

• Working with a community justice agency that matches one’s interests;

• Spiritual reflection and sojourning retreats;

• Learning and skill building through workshops, and

• Engagement with one’s home church.

For information, call 509-679-7430, email, or visit or on Facebook at justiceleadershipjubilee.


Jan von Lehe begins

Climate Church, Climate World connection with Jim Antal. Jubilee associates Jan von Lehe and Kathy Dawson seated on either side. Climate justice supporters Meighan Pritchard, Lin Haggedorn, Roberta Rominger and Mary Ellen Smith.

In 2019, Jan von Lehe, justice leadership jubilee associate for University Congregational UCC, said, ‘I am pleased to be on my journey with the Justice Leadership Jubilee program to find my calling in this new time of retirement.”

As one of three Justice Leadership Jubilee associates, she is volunteering six to 10 hours a week with 350 Seattle to support their work toward climate justice by organizing people to make deep system change by resisting fossil fuels, building momentum for healthy alternatives and fostering resilient, just and welcoming communities.

Jan also volunteers one to two hours a week at

Barbara Anderson in the Take 5 at Keystone sojourning

University Congregational UCC to gain skills in enlivening congregational mission and ministry.

The work includes projects with Sacred Earth Matters group and the churches Calling, Engagement and Community Ministry. 

“Our work toward climate justice is urgent given the United Nations and United States reports,” Jan said. “I am grateful for the leadership and support in our church and the national UCC to create the Justice Leadership Jubilee program.

For information, call 206-546-4123 or email

Justice Leadership Program takes a year off

The Justice Leadership Program’s advisory council on Feb. 27 approved a recommendation of staff that the young adult residential program discontinue operations for the 2019-20 year to use the time to reimagine a program that will connect young adults with social justice efforts grounded in faith, reported Rich Gamble, executive director of the Justice Leadership Program.

In its seven years, the program has produced “an impressive list of graduates who carry the work of justice into the future,” Rich said. 

“We have learned a great deal and e hope to use those insights to develop a program that is a more sustainable related to our aspirations and our resources,” he said.

Although the young adult residential program will not operate next year, the Justice Leadership Program will continue its curriculum project, the Jubilee program and the Northwest Pilgrimage.  However, the 2019 pilgrimage will not be held.

“The JLP has been a laboratory to build a model to use here and replicate elsewhere,” Rich said. 

“We expanded to eight this year, but found it exceeded our capacity. So we now have six interns who will complete their 11-month commitment,” he said.

As he looks to the future, he does not know what next steps will look like.

The Justice Leadership staff with engage alumni, agencies where they served and UCC congregations that participated in hosting the interns to reflect on their experiences, evaluate what they learned in the model and offer proposals for the program in the future.

For information, call Rich Gamble at 206-632-6021 or email


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