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Pastor publishes adult study book, 'Do Not Live Afraid'

In his 10th book published by Upper Room Books, Christian education and study group author John Indermark of Naselle discusses how fear serves as a motivator, but not as a generator of the Gospel’s core, love.

John Indermark

John Indermark

Do Not Live Afraid: Faith in a Fearful World explores biblical traditions related to the “fear of God” and biblical bases for living beyond fear.

He suggests that lives are better motivated by God’s words:  “Do not be afraid.”

“We find hope in God’s promise and in the experience of love given and received,” he said.  “It means to live by trust as disciples.”

John, a native of St. Louis and graduate of Eden Theological Seminary, served 16 years as pastor of UCC churches in Metaline Falls for more than five years, Carnation for two years and Naselle for eight years before entering a ministry of writing Christian education curricula and spiritual formation books.

The curricula to which he has contributed include “Seasons of the Spirit,” “The Present Word” and the “Northwest International Lesson Annual.”

His other books are on hope, encounters with Jesus, parables for Lent, prayer, neglected voices of people on the margins, setting the stage for Christmas during Advent, and Genesis.  Each of these books include leaders guides for adult study sessions.

John has been serving since last November as part-time transitional minister at a Presbyterian church in Long Beach, Wash., as he continues to write.

Last June he attended a writers conference for the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. 

While he has previously written the adult track and biblical backgrounds, he is now writing the worship resources and ideas for liturgy, art and music.

In 1988, his mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimers led him to decide to stop talking about writing sometime in the future and to do it.  In 1989, he went on three-fourths time salary at Naselle and a Methodist church and spent one day a week writing.  He did that for four years, paid for single articles and curriculum pieces for Bible Discovery.

In 1992, he wrote an eight-session study on the Gospel of Mark.  In the 1990s, he wrote for “The Word Among Us” curriculum that became “The Inviting Word.”  One editor from that went to Upper Room Books.  There was a market for small group studies, so he wrote his first Lenten study, The Genesis of Grace in 1996.  It has sold 20,000 copies.

Most of the books are still in print, but one has been pulled.

Writing for Seasons of the Spirit which is used in the United States, Canada, Australia and Scotland, he has learned that it’s important not to assume a single audience, denomination, culture, age or ethnicity.

Along with writing, he has done extended pulpit supply for Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Southwest Washington.  For a while after he left the Congregational church in Naselle, he and Judy attended the  Cathlamet UCC church, but he has returned.  Dan Schnabel serves Naselle and Cathlamet.

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