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N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs retreat and camp dates scheduled

Midwinter retreats are open for registrations. Junior High Midwinter at Pilgrim Firs will be Jan 6 to 8. Senior High Midwinter at Pilgrim Firs will be Jan. 13 to 15. These retreat will examine the intersection of faith and justice.

Bryan Sirchio, a nationally recognized songwriter, storyteller, author and UCC minister from Madison, Wis., is leading worship at the Pilgrim Firs Midwinter Retreats. He is a popular presenter at UCC youth events around the country, including National Youth Event and Regional Youth Events. He also leads mission trips to Haiti.

Bryan’s music ministry has been unfolding since he first had a Christian “conversion of sorts” at 17 and started writing songs expressing the insights and joy he experienced. His songs share about his experiences taking “the life and teachings of Christ to heart.” He also incorporates biblical content pastors and parents want children and teens to learn.

He served two small UCC churches in northern Wisconsin for four years. He grew up in New Jersey and earned a degree in religion and psychology in 1980 at Duke and his master of divinity at Princeton in 1984.

For information, call 360-876-2031 or visit



It begins again. A new day. A new way.

The path awaits you. Calls you. Invites you.

And you hesitate. You pause a bit.

The early morning forest noises abound. 

That fresh day smell fills your lungs. 

Sunlight bounces off birds wings

In that moment you know the path is ready.

Ready for you to enter and immerse.

That first step is taken before you are aware

It begins at that moment.

A new day. Your day.

A new way. Your way.

You are on the path. Your path.

You invite others along.

The forest, the path and your life come alive.

It is good. You are good.

With photographs taken around N-Sid-Sen grounds on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Mark Boyd, managing director of that camp and conference center, reminds campers and those who come for retreats about this place of inspiration during the summer and year round. He also shares a sense of the spiritual value of the setting as a place to reflect, build relationships with creation, God and people.


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