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Moderator reports on search, announces Annual Meeting

By Indigo Brown - PNC-UCC moderator

Indigo Brown - PNC-UCC moderator makes announcements.

As we enter yet another year of renewal and possibility, I want to personally wish for you all a year of change, challenge, and co-conspiring.  

As you all know, the conference has been searching for an Intentional Interim Conference Minister. This position will serve for two years in preparation for a settled Conference Minister.  

The appointed search committee completed the first round, and final the candidate felt called to another path. Undaunted, the committee faithfully continued on to do a second round of searching. In the end, however, the search committee choose a final candidate who was felt called in a different direction.  

Learning from this process, the board is taking some time to consider our process and strategy, as well as to think creatively about our next steps moving forward.  

Though this is not what any of us would have desired, I am not discouraged. We are walking with God and trusting that this time may be just what we need to not simply fill the position, but to do the necessary work toward becoming the conference the spirit is creating.  

Please be aware of the following announcements:  

-      Annual Meeting will be held at Plymouth Church Seattle on April 26th-28th, 2024. The theme is Forward Together. We will have Justpaz and CDEDOL missionaries from Bogata, Columbia, sponsored by Global Ministries and our conference. We also have a few new churches joining our conference this year. We hope to see you there! (In-person or virtually) 

-      Are you interested in serving on a committee? The Ministerial Resources Committee (MRC) is looking for people just like you! Please get in touch with Rev. Jenn Hagedorn for more information. 

-      Now is the time to get your resolutions in for the Annual Meeting. The deadline is March 1st.  

-      Donate to Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen to support campers who could not attend otherwise. Especially, for Winter Retreats that are resuming this year after a long hiatus.  

May this year bring you great joy, and may we find ourselves in ministry together with hope as our common tie. 

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