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PNC Board joins Seattle Women’s March

Reaching out to build conversations, connection and relationships

Members of the PNC Board and others from the PNC participate in Women’s March.
Photo courtesy of Peter Ilgenfritz

The Board of Directors continues to explore new ways to meet, have conversations, deepen relationships and connections and live into our call as conference for church vitality.  At our last meeting on Jan. 19-20 we stepped out of our conversations to join the Women’s March in Seattle.

Among 12 PNC folks bringing the PNC-UCC presence and witness at the march were Tara Barber, Wendy Blight, Mike Denton, Courtney Stange-Tregear, Ann Lev, Kathleen Morgan, Kelle Brown, Martha Baldwin, Hilary Coleman, Kelle Brown, Indigo Brown, Jennifer Castle, Sandy Cheatham and Janet Matthews. They raised signs giving their identity as the Pacific Northwest UCC and signs expressing their solidarity on justice for women and people of color.


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