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Board seeks to shrink distances in the Conference

The Board of the Pacific Northwest Conference met June 2 to 3 at the home of John and Dee Eisenhauer on Bainbridge Island.

“We shared a meal, and had conversations around the table about our common history and commitment, and we shared powerfully poignant stories,” said Kathleen Morgan, reporting on the meeting.  “These stories identified our hopes, dreams and common threads as individuals, which draw us together as a body seeking to work together throughout the coming year.”

On Saturday, the board came back together to pick up where they had left off and to learn some new skills from PNC Vitality Minister Courtney Stange-Tregear as they shared in one-to-one conversations and exercises. 

Board members reflected on: “Why are we here? Who are we? What is the ministry we are called to do? and How shall we do it?”

In an exercise and small group discussions, the board members identified their challenges as the Board of Directors and as the Pacific Northwest Conference. 

It is: “How do we go from WE to the vast US, losing the language of “them,” and do this as we shrink the distances between us across the conference?” Kathleen reported.

The bulk of afternoon was spent identifying a structure and time-line to develop and implement the challenge of furthering connections in the PNC, first with the members of the Board, then to the entire conference. 

At the Fall PNC Gathering at N-Sid-Sen Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, there will be further training. The board hopes exploration of these challenges will grow in the PNC, said Kathleen.

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