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Camp directors tell of vitality

At Annual Meeting, camp managing directors Mark Boyd at N-Sid-Sen and Wade Zick at Pilgrim Firs, reported that at a time many UCC conferences are closing camps, the PNC has two vital camps, caring for each other in ways that make camps thrive.

N-Sid-Sen has a new logo.

Wade Zick has been recruiting agencies and groups.

When they asked those at Annual Meeting about why they value the camps, people popped up to share several of the following ways the camps add value to their lives and the lives of their congregations:

• Men’s, women’s and church retreats;

• Access for disabled children and adults;

• Engaging youth and intergenerational ministry;

• 27 years of recycling newspapers to pay half camperships;

• Places where people get married;

• Places to be one’s authentic self;

• Connecting people with the outside and nature;

• Volunteer opportunities and summer jobs;

• God and nature “smooshed together”;

Wade said that the camps “connect and resource us as churches.”

Mark said the mattresses have been paid in full and now N-Sid-Sen has a sailboat funding campaign.


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