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N-Sid-Sen will be site for fire district fire boat

N-Sid-Sen Camp and Conference Center is working with the Eastside Coeur d’Alene Fire District to locate their dock and fireboats there.  Construction will begin after Labor Day and be done in October.

East Side Fire District and N-Sid-Sen have built a cooperative relationship over many years.                    Photo courtesy of Mark Boyd

“We will take out our boat dock and replace it with their larger dock with a fireboat barn at the end,” said Mark Boyd, managing director.  “We will have use of a better dock with more space.”

The dock will be accessible all year with the road to it maintained.

The fire district has raised funds for this project which will provide space for police, fire and EMTs to serve the East Side of Lake Coeur d’Alene when there are boating or car accidents or house fires.

It is an outgrowth of Mark’s working close with the community.

“We have provided food for their July 4 pancake breakfast at the Arrow Point station, host their Christmas banquet at the camp and provide emergency food from our kitchen 24/7 for fire fighters, police and emergency personnel,” said Mark.

In addition, he has offered space at N-Sid-Sen for families burned out as a space to stay for a few days and its meadow is a Medivac Transition Site for landing helicopters.

“The East Side Fire District wanted a location that would be big enough and long term.  They know we will be here,” said Mark.

Currently there is a fire station across from Arrow Point with four volunteer fire fighters is one of three fire stations.  The others at Carlin Bay and Powderhorn Bay are not staffed. This will be one of many fire boats stationed around Lake Coeur d'Alene.

This will be a multi-purpose boat, both for putting out fires and for emergency rescues.

One EMT, Charlotte Pegoraro has been a nurse at N-Sid-Sen and her children come to the camp.

“We will need to keep the road, now named Ford Rd., open all year. Volunteer firefighters will come in personal vehicles and park in designated spots,” Mark said.

Next summer the campers will have a fire boat demonstration and a drawing to go out in it.

There will be a sign for N-Sid-Sen on the boathouse and the boathouse is designed in the style and with colors that make it look like it belongs to camp.

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