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Korean partners invite PNC delegation May 16-23

The Pacific Northwest Conference, UCC, and the Northwest Regional Christian Church (Disciples) are sponsoring the 21st International Exchange with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of South Korea (PROK) departing Seattle May 16 and returning May 23.

There will be home stays with Presbyterian families.

The conference and region have a continuing partnership with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of South Korea, East Seoul.  On alternate years, delegations visit and learn about the life and mission outreach of the churches.   

The delegation is for persons interested in global ministries, wanting to know about sisters and brothers in Christ in Korea and seeking to learn how the church ministers in a different culture.

Coordinator Ed Evans said recruiters seek youth and others with a passion about global issues and thirst to learn about international issues, and a desire to share their faith experience beyond cultural differences

“The PROK has sought to reform the Presbyterian Church in Korea, setting aside the secular elements, authoritarianism and dogmatism, which became rooted in the Korean Presbyterian history,” said Ed.  “Since separation from the main body in 1953, the PROK has developed a prophetic stance in its understanding of the church and its role in society.

“Seeking to go beyond the narrow, traditional concept of mission, the PROK is committed to participating in God’s salvation work in society and history.  A diverse fellowship, the PROK upholds the spiritual importance of dialogue, engagement, diversity and reconciliation,” he said.

Ed added that the PROK has been a prophetic voice for democratization, human rights and reunification and protesting military dictatorship.   

They have sent humanitarian food aid as well as funds, equipment and machinery to North Korea.  They have an active commitment to ecumenism and are members of the National Council of Churches in Korea and the World Council of Churches.   

They were the first Presbyterians to ordain women as elders in 1956 and ministers in l974, believing God calls both women and men.  

“While maintaining a commitment to peace and justice, the PROK is responding to changing needs as South Korea journeys to democracy,” he added. “The PROK continues to take a prominent lead in asking again the question of how to be a Christian in today’s world.”

For information, call 360-683-4704 or 360-670-1073, or email



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