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Michael Kinnamon

Ecumenist Michael Kinnamon says Fig Tree pursues its ecumenical mission through communication.

istinct among ecumenical entities in that it pursues its “ecumenical” mission through a focus on communication, said Michael Kinnamon, featured speaker for The Fig Tree’s 30th anniversary dinner on April 30.

Its purpose “to break through divisions among people to promote unity and action for the common good, and to support ecumenical, interfaith and community efforts by connecting people, building understanding, opening dialogue and sharing stories.  Sounds ecumenical to me!” he said 

Recognizing The Fig Tree’s 30 years, he reflected on the ecumenical movement as a movement of communication. . . . . More

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Karen Spear Latter-day Saints Relief Society finds many ways to reach out and serve the community needs.
Claude Kistler Pia Hallenberg and Claude Kissler are recognized for roles in using media to improve lives at NW Alliance for Responsible Media.
Skylstad and Henning

Religious, tribal and community leaders document damage by dams, seek to right wrongs during Columbia River Treaty Conference.

Kaye Hult Kaye Hult expands role at The Fig Tree to serve as administrative and volunteer coordinator.
Marilyn Stedman Fig Tree involvement has been ‘backbone’ of Marilyn Stedman’s other volunteer commitments.
Darrel Lundby Lutheran pastor and Fig Tree Board Member, Darrel Lundy, has used some Fig Tree stories as sermon examples.
Lutherhaven camp activity

Church camps find innovative ways to recruit more campers each summer - Lutherhaven, Ross Point and Twinlow

Camp Spaulding ropes course

Area church camps expand programs and reach out to wider communities - Camp Spalding, N-Sid-Sen, and Camp Cross.

Michael Kinnamon

Ecumenist Michael Kinnamon says Fig Tree pursues its ecumenical mission through communication at the Fig Tree 30th Anniversary Dinner.

holden guitar

Trees cut at Holden Village supply tonewoods to build guitars sold for mission project.

Ruwan Palapathwala

WCC Assembly report: Anglican chaplain appreciates Muslim-Christian relationships in Dubai.

Lorna Kropp

Lorna Kropp brings ecumenical commitment to her role as The Fig Tree’s webmaster.

Roger Ross

Roger Ross, Fig Tree Board member, helped The Fig Tree transition into becoming an independent nonprofit publication.


Happy Watkins

Happy Watkins, Fig Tree Board Member, helps keep The Fig Tree in tune with community issues


Deidre Jacobson

Deidre Jacobson, Fig Tree Board Member, is committed to sustain The Fig Tree into the future.

Diana Hornbogen

Therapist Diana Hornbogen educates people to understand emotions, control actions.