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Irene Boehm

Survivor’s story is one of 52,000 testimonies

Irene Boehm survived World War II and the Holocaust in Hungary by hiding her identity when she moved from her small village, Olaszliszka, near the Czech border to Budapest and then to a villa on the Danube.

In Budapest, she convinced her landlady, who often derided Jews, to let “a friend”—actually her sister Margaret—move in.  When Irene went to care for an older woman in a villa 60 kilometers south of Budapest, Irene again was silent when that woman also voiced anti-Jewish sentiments.

When Margaret moved out of the room in Budapest, she thanked the landlady for saving a Jew: her.  Later the landlady saw Irene on the street and exclaimed her horror at learning Irene’s “friend” was a Jew. . . . more

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Randy Goss, CROP Randy Goss is committed to help hungry people through his efforts organizing annual CROP Hunger Walks in Spokane.
Sherry Wallace Sherry Wallis, director of the Post Falls Food Bank, considers it “an amazing gift” to help prevent hunger.
D.R. Michel D.R. Michel, executive director of the Upper Columbia United Tribes (UCUT), works to modernize the international treaty for the Columbia River.
Jim Schrock Jim Schrock, urban organic farmer, Eden Urban Farm, also operates a recycling business, Earthworks, to care for the earth.
Sounding Board Comments from the Fig Tree Benefit Breakfast and Lunch Speakers, March 12 and 14
Irene Boehm Irene Boehm's story is among 52,000 testimonies of people who survived the Holocaust. She survived in Hungary by hiding her identity.
Michael Kinnamon

Michael Kinnamon, educator, author and leader in the ecumenical movement globally and nationally, will speak April 30 for Fig Tree Anniversary Dinner.

Sue Orlowski

Sue Orlowski, a member of the Sisters of Providence community, is committed to building international, intercultural, intergenerational ties.

Latah Valley Presby. Church garden

Latah Valley Presbyterian Church was chartered in 2013 as an Earth Care Congregation, said Rick Melin, retired pastor and leader.


Whitworth University student volunteers will pack 1 million meals to feed hungry people in Spokane and Guatemala.