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2014-2015 Resource Directory

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Mustafa Mahmood and Sarah Ahmed

Letters, relief, dialogue build peace

Sarah Ahmed, a young Muslim peacemaker, founded Because I Love Peace, a U.S.-Iraq letter writing campaign to build bridges across a media-generated “sea of hate.”

In her peacemaking visits to the United States, she learned about and began working with the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East to bring healing in her homeland.

During recent presentations at Gonzaga University and the Eastern Washington Legislative Conference, she expressed hope about building reconciliation through dialogue among religious leaders.

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The Rev Mike Denton, PNCUCC Mike Denton says people in faith communities are at different points in connecting faith, service and justice action.
Dan Morrissey Advocate for Justice Workshop speakers say working people earn less of wealth they generate than in earlier decades.
Columbia River Treaty panel Workshop reviews need for faith communities to influence Columbia River Treaty negotiations to include ecosystems and ethics.
Rachel Dolezal Realities lead history professor and NAACP president to put in many unpaid hours of work for justice.
Donna Connell - head of Diocese Guatemala Committee Catholic dioceses in Spokane and Solola partner, enriching each other’s lives and faith.
Sister Sharon and Paul Benz, FANWA Catholic Conference and Faith Action Network share advocacy priorities based on faith values.

What do faith values, proclaiming good news, setting the oppressed free mean for people of faith?

Sarah Ahmed

Young Muslim peacemaker organizes letter exchange, helps with relief and dialogue in Iraq


Layne Pavey

Layne Pavey says some laws mean many people released from prison continue to have their lived affected.

Jace Bylenga, Power past coal workshop

Workshops report on progress in challenging coal and oil transport, and promoting shift to renewable energy.

Roberta Wilburn

Roberta Wilburn tells of achievement and accessibility gaps leading to more discipline of black students even as diversity grows.

Chistina Hull

Children’s Village in Coeur d’Alene opens additional home, doubling its capacity to serve children.

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