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Our History

The Fig Tree was founded in 1984 as a monthly publication covering and connecting the faith and nonprofit communities in the Inland NW (Eastern WA and Northern Idaho). The first issue was published May 1984. It began under the auspices of the former Spokane Christian Coalition / later Spokane Council of Ecumenical Ministries.

In 2000, The Fig Tree became an independent nonprofit, covering stories of people living their faith and values, connecting diverse people and encouraging respect and listening, and inspiring people to action both locally and globally.

The Fig Tree is supported by donations of sponsors, individuals, congregations, regional faith communities, and ecumenical and interfaith organizations, some grants, area universities and nonprofits, and by advertisers and underwriters. It is also supported by volunteers, who help with all phases of planning, writing, editing, and distribution, and promotion.

The first issue in 1984 was eight pages with 37 inches in ads. The current issues contain 12 to 16 pages with 280-420 inches in ads.