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"Honoring Life: in Interfaith Panel on the Death Penalty" explores views of four traditions - June 2013

Introductions - Victoria Ann Thorpe, Fellowship of Peace Foundation, and the Rev Todd Ekloff, of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane.

mary ann farley

Sister Mary Ann Farley, SNJM, offers a Catholic perspective and describes the growing support for abolishing the death penalty.

rabbi goldstein
Rabbi Michael Goldstein of Temple Beth Shalom describes traditional Jewish perspectives and laws related to the death penalty.
bill ellis
The Very Rev Bill Ellis, dean of the Cathedral of St. John, reports on stands taken by the Episcopal Church.
thubten chodron
Venerable Thubten Chodron of the Sravasti Abbey near Newport shares Buddhist perspectives on the death penalty.

Readers share value of The Fig Tree - March 2013 - Benefit Breakfast and Lunch Speakers

"Making Connections" Inga Jablonsky and James Wilburn tell how The Fig Tree makes a difference for them.
Denise Attwood of Ganesh Himal values The Fig Tree's informative articles on fair trade and it's ability to find unformed stories.
jan martinez
Jan Martinez, Christ Kitchen, decided if Mary Stamp could start The Fig Tree, she could start Christ Kitchen.
john osborn
John Osborn, Sierra Club and VA Medical Center said The Fig Tree underscores moral dimensions at the bedside and streamside.
Darrel Lundby, Board Member, said the Fig Tree's ministry connects the passions of people with the needs of the world.
lena Lopez Schindler
Lena Lopez Schindler said The Fig Tree reported on the Windfall Thrift Store's tie with a nearby child development center.
dick boysen
Dick Boysen of the Spokane Guild School said many fingers touch The Fig Tree as it's passed around at the school.
peggie troutt
Petty Troutt, Calvary Baptist Soup Kitchen said that The Fig Tree story drew volunteers to serve meal to homeless people.
Anastasia Wendlinge, Department of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University, finds The Fig Tree an ally for GU and the community.
tony stewart
Tony Stewart of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations said the Fig Tree promotes understanding of social justice in the region.

At theFebruary 2013 Eastern Washington Legislative Conference, Breen Beggs reports on efforts of Smart Justice Spokane to change the criminal justice system.

Comments on The Fig Tree at the Benefit Breakfast/Lunch March 14/16, 2012

"The Fig Tree Communicates Credibly" features Raymond Reyes, associate vice president of diversity at Gonzaga University. Mary Stamp, Fig Tree Editor, describes what "credible communication" is. Sister Mary Ann Farley, Fig Tree Board member Dierdre Jacobson, Fig Tree Board member
Jim Mohr, Gonzaga University's Institute of Hate Studies Mark Kadel, World Relief Spokane The Rev Bill Ellis, Cathedral of St. John, and Bishop Martin Wells, Lutheran Church Slideshow provides an overview of Faith in Action stories, 2011-2012

Video of Interview with Mona Martin, Christian Dance Academy, April 26, 2012; Interviews with Mary Stamp, KYRS

Link to KYRS "Revolutionary Spirituality" interview with Mary Stamp, January 30, 2012 Link to KYRS Local News April 18, 2012 Interview with Mary Stamp

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