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Emma Maple values internship with The Fig Tree

Emma Maple

I'm a student intern who is working with The Fig Tree in both writing and editing, which I have really enjoyed doing to expand my skills as a journalist.

Some of the articles I've enjoyed are the ones that allow me to meet new people.

One was about Louise Chadez, who completed an Ignatian Camino walk across European countries as a way to grow in her faith.

I enjoy writing articles that have a faith backing, as I hope to go into religion reporting as a journalist. I also appreciate The Fig Tree's approach.

They don't just point out problems or conflict that is happening within Spokane and the larger faith community. Instead, they are committed to peace or solutions journalism. This type of journalism focuses not just on the problems but also on some of the solutions. It helps the reader understand a full picture.

Many news organizations only present problems or conflicts as their source of news value. That misses a large part of the picture, namely that solutions do exist. However, solutions journalism isn't journalism in which all we do is present the good things.

We can present conflicts but an extra key piece is that we look at solutions and see how well they've been implemented.

Combining the idea of peace and solutions journalism with the idea of a faith-focused organization helps us examine issues in a deeper light than many news organizations do.

In editing, it has also been helpful to learn AP style. I've enjoyed working with the editors on the team and getting to grow as a human being.

Writing has been fun because I've interviewed different people in the community. I have learned about their back stories and how faith is part of their lives. I've been able to grow skills I will continue to use in my career after I graduate from Whitworth University with a degree in communications and peace studies.

My experience at The Fig Tree has helped build my resume. I'm excited to continue to work with them in the future. I love all they're doing for the community.

Emma Maple – Whitworth intern and editorial assistant

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