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Spokane peace rally challenges war in Iraq, threat of war in Iran

About 300 gathered March 17 at Franklin Park in Spokane in opposition to the war in Iraq and its potential expansion into Iran.

Peace rally
Abut 300 gathered at Franklin Park

“It’s a shame to have this war of aggression by the most powerful country against a country full of human beings who are not our enemies, people we ought to befriend and work in partnership with to bring enlightenment to the world,” said Rusty Nelson, co-director of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane.

Mike Kress, Desert Storm veteran, urged people to sign a pledge of resistance against war in Iran:  “Write letters, challenge media disinformation, encourage people to refuse serving in the military, organize anti-war demonstrations, engage in non violent civil disobedience, find other citizens to join opposition until the soldiers come home.”

Peace rally 4
Sheri Barnard talks with Jo Stowell

Former Mayor Sheri Barnard said that many people have worked many years for a better America and world.

“We are frustrated that we feel we have not achieved that goal,” she said.  “We want federal funds to go for education not war in Iraq.

“I’m here to say I want peace and will work for peace,” she said, telling of conversing with a 17-year-old grocery store clerk earlier in the day.

“When she asked what I was doing today,  I told her I was going to speak at a peace rally.  She said, ‘Speak for me.  We should not spend billions on the war.’

“Our children do not want this war,” Sheri said.

Peace rally 3
Iraq veteran opposes war.

A veteran of the war in Iraq, who served five years in the Navy until he was wounded, said that troops are not communicating that they are there to liberate Iraq when they kick down doors of homes.

“Our presence in Iraq is stirring violence.  It’s worse than Vietnam,” said this member of Iraqi Veterans Against the War.  “There’s a lot of anger in the military, because those fighting know we are not fighting for democracy.”






Peace rally 5 Peace rally 2
Signing to act ... Sign speaks for itself.

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