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Christmas family ‘photo op’ becomes live nativity

First Lutheran Church in Kennewick gave members of their church and community an opportunity on Nov. 4 to take turns being in a live nativity on the lawn outside the church.

live nativity
Kennewick church does live nativity.
They arranged for a professional photographer to photograph families in a manger setting with a two-hump camel named Joe, a donkey, two cows and some bales of hay, according to Helga Jansons, one of the pastors.

About 30 families took up the offer—with half of them from the church and half from the community. 

Each family paid $10 and put on costumes to be Mary and Joseph.   Families can use the photos to send with Christmas letters.

Children dressed as angels, but one family with a baby, put the baby in the manger as Jesus.

For information, call 783-6108.

By Mary Stamp, The Fig Tree - Copyright © December 2005