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With help, church repairs roof damaged by snow

Among the churches and other buildings affected by heavy snows this winter was Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, at 806 W. Indiana.

Ezra Kinlow
Ezra Kinlow in Holy Temple sanctuary

Leaks in its roof after a January storm damaged ceilings and carpet in its building.

The congregation, with the help of other churches in the community, raised funds to repair the roof, which was not covered by insurance.

Now they await a solution for re-carpeting the sanctuary.  The damaged carpet was removed, and the pews have been pushed to the sides. 

Elder Ezra Kinlow said contractors will need to figure out how to carpet the full sanctuary at one time with the pews there or find somewhere to move them.

They celebrated Easter, as they have been celebrating weekly services, in their fellowship hall, which can accommodate 200.  For most Sundays, when an average of 150 attend, that’s fine, but on Easter people were standing in the back and some went home.

The sanctuary seats 500, so usually people have been spread out.  In the fellowship hall, where they are seated in rows of chairs, several members have commented that it’s more cozy.

“I realize that our accommodation in the fellowship hall is much nicer than many people have for their church setting,” said Ezra, remembering the congregation’s former church building on E. Third.  It moved to W. Indiana five years ago.  He has been pastor 28 years.

Attendance has increased since the move, and the congregation is becoming more multi-cultural.

“Some are discouraged because progress is slow.  Some of our ministries and programs have been curtailed, because we had to take down dividers on one side of the fellowship hall, affecting the youth and Sunday school programs,” he said.

Choir rehearsal and the women’s ministry are also more congested.

Ezra also mentioned that the church has a pipe organ it does not use, so he is offering to sell it or give it to someone, so it’s removed before the carpet is installed.

“We have experienced a closeness and a family atmosphere, plus have had good cooperation from members moving furniture to set up for events—such as two recent breakfasts,” he said.  “Everyone has jumped in to help.”

For information, call 624-0522.