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Conference recruits young adults to meet with Korean delegation

As part of the continuing partnership with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of South Korea (PROK), a delegation of about 10 Korean young adults will visit the Pacific Northwest Conference between July 20 and 30.

In alternate years, a delegation visits and learns about the life and mission outreach of the churches in the PNC and the Northwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The Global Ministries Committee of the UCC and Disciples is recruiting PNC young adults who have a passion about global issues to share in hosting and in discussions with the delegation.

The PROK encourages dialogue, engagement, diversity and reconciliation.  It has been a prophetic voice for democratization, human rights and reunification, protesting against military dictatorship government.  They took the initiative of sending humanitarian food aid as well as funds, equipment and machinery to North Korea, said the Rev. Terry Teigen, a UCC pastor and recent delegate. 

They have an active and enduring commitment to ecumenism and are participating members of the National Council of Churches in Korea and the World Council of Churches.  They were the first Presbyterian Church denomination to ordain women as elders in 1956 and ministers in l974, believing God calls both women and men to ministry. 

While maintaining its commitment to peace and justice, the PROK is responding to the needs of a changing South Korea that is continuing its journey of democratization.  The PROK continues to take a lead in asking how to be a Christian in today’s world, Teigen said.

The idea of a young adult exchange emerged from discussion and dialogue that were part of a UCC/DOC trip to South Korea last May.  

Interests of the young adults include discussing the meaning of “faith” in the U.S. and South Korean cultures, especially as it relates with issues of morality, justice and peace.  Churches in those countries, as well as in the wider global community, are wrestling with those issues, he said. 

Participants will also explore key concerns of young adults in the life of the church.  The time together will encourage relationship building.  Sightseeing will help the guests gain a sense of U.S. culture and history, and “what life is like” in the Pacific Northwest.  The delegates and hosts will also visit mission and ministry efforts going on in local churches and in the region.

Organizers include the Rev. Ed Evans, UCC/DOC Global Ministries Committee, 360-683-4704, and Teigen, 206-933-6757.


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