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Bianca David-Lovelace and Kelle Brown helped guide Annual Meeting with their preaching and discussion leadership on what clergy of color experience in UCC churches in the PNC.

Kelle Brown said 'community' and 'transformation' are powerful words that comprise what revival means.
Bianca Davis-Lovelace grew up in the Black church, where preaching social justice is the norm.
Renee McCoy said transformation happens when we forgive and move to reconciliation and unity.
Michael Joseph visits PNC/Disciples churches to tell of Global Ministries peace work in Colombia.
Spokane and Seattle churches join in Pride Parades. Renton church deals with vandalism of pride display.
Wade Zick shares role of the arts and music in the life of Pilgrim Firs, about 65 percent of groups using the camp.
Mike Denton stirs responsible action to have impact on climate change for the sake of everyone's future.
Mary Flowers and Rick Derksen of the People's Institute offered insights on dismantling racism.
Amy Roon's message is on the vital role of worship as one part of the life system of the Body of Christ.
PNC's annual business meeting adopts budget, passes New Green Deal resolution and elects leaders.
Church Council of Greater Seattle celebrates 100 years of churches/faiths working together to make a difference.
2019 PNC Annual Meeting is depicted in photo of the Friday Evening Revival service with worship stations.
Mark Boyd promotes camps with aid of directors sharing how camps impact their lives.
Moderator Wendy Blight summarizes the Board's priorities to build relationships, dismantle racism.
News briefs report on transitions, General Synod, plans for a fall gathering, Mike's sabbatical, quarterly UCNews.