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June 2015
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cecilia Mckean

Walla Walla First Congregational starts small groups for members to come to know each other better and build community.

cecilia mckean Walla Walla First starts small groups to strengthen relationships among members.
hillary honah Justice Leadership interns complete their year of service and advocacy in August.
john deckenback John Deckenback reflects on history of missionaries and churches in Inland NW.
robbie paul Robbie Paul shares story of Coyote and imparts wisdom from Nez Perce perspectives.
michelle wendy Hearing discussion looks at budget for coming year and its implications for PNC ministries.
tom kobin Marshall Islands UCC shares with Annual Meeting its music and story of its islands.
mike denton Mike Denton continues his reflections on dynamics of wearing a clergy collar.
marymackay News Briefs include transitions, events, Synod delegates and prayer.
nsidsenstaff N-Sid-Sen welcomes young adults from three countries through Camp America.
mimi land Leadership Retreat pops myths about PNC communication and offers solutions
quinn caldwell Quinn Caldwell says UCC is uniquely situated to transform mainline churches.
ritzville Ritzville church grieves and holds Lenten study to discuss their experiences.
roger ralston Roger Ralston creates four art pieces for the Annual Meeting, depicting the four apostles.
photo page Worship, music, processions, lanterns, table toys, drumming and relationships mark meeting.
annual meeting Annual Meeting adopts budget, resolutions and bylaws, and elects new leaders.