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University Congregational UCC installs solar panels on its roof to reduce costs of power and to produce energy to sell back to power company.

andy castrolang Annual Meeting approves new leaders, budget and two resolutions.
cathy gunstone Cathy Gunstone makes quilting into a ministry, incorporating color and art.
deeg and mark Camp managers anticipate improvements needed for Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.
linda gasparec Linda Gasparec immersed herself in the multicultural diversity of church at Bossey.
alison stendahl Alison Stendahl will visit PNC in September to tell of mission work 34 years in Turkey.
mike denton Mike Denton says that ministry is about letting go to allow oneself to be shaped.
stuckart and denton Spokane Alliance introduces issues on aging, mental health, child care and paid sick leave.
solar panels University Congregational installs solar panels to save on energy and produce energy.
lillian daniel Speakers examine culture of the church today in Annual Meeting sermons and keynotes.
jenn hagedorn Jenn Hagedorn begins education for congregations on need for living wage.
aleni tonuao Aleni Tonuao pleased to join Pacific NW Conference with New Beginnings Samoan Church.
mike denton MIke Denton reports on life of the conference and preaches on his journey into the UCC.
news briefs Summer News Briefs include reports on transitions, events and opportunities.