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In 2008, the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ shifted from publishing a print edition in conjunction with the national United Church News. Mary Stamp who edited the Conference edition of United Church News since 1988, developed an online version, with a pdf file to print and articles published online in a website.

For 2008-09, we first published six four-page sections in print with the six issues of the national edition—February-March, April-May, June-July, August-September, October-November, and December. 

In 2009-10, we published three four-page sections of United Church News in print—February-March, April-May and June-July—before the national edition ended. 

To continue to provide communication to inform and inspire readers on the life, relationships, people, ministries and resources of the congregations and conference, we began Pacific Northwest Conference News online at www.pncuccnews.org.  It’s a website with news, feature stories and PDF digital files that can be downloaded and printed for those who want paper copies.   

We send an email announcing the publication online to churches, clergy, conference leadership and others who sign up. We also have a Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/288564221171793/. Through email, facebook and personal contacts, we invite article ideas and submissions. Increasingly, people are submitting articles, rather than having most be written by the editor. In that way, more have ownership.

We report stories of PNC programs and events, committee work and local church projects, camping, global partnerships, mission and evangelism, national representatives, retreats, youth events, pastoral changes, people news, and Annual Meeting, connecting readers with the wider community of faith.

For information, call 509-535-1813.

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