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Camps, Retreats and Conferences at N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs

Fall 2023

Pam Peterson is filling staff roles and has AmeriCorps help to clear underbrush after a summer of camps, retreats at N-Sid-Sen.
Mark Boyd is planning to take sabbatical time during November when Pilgrim Firs quiets after full summer and fall schedules.

Spring 2023

Pam Peterson begins in the role of designated managing director of N-Sid-Sen Camp and Retreat Center on April 1.
Stone Carvers retreat are among the regular groups holding retreats at Pilgrim Firs Camp and Retreat Center at Port Orchard.
N-Sid-Sen prepares for full season of spring, summer and fall camps and retreats for PNC members and churches.

Fall 2022

Mark Boyd will be managing director at Pilgrim Firs after he leaves after 10 years as managing director at N-Sid-Sen.
Taiwanese Christian Church hosts a camp at Pilgrim Firs in August to teach the Taiwanese language to children.
Wade Zick resigns at Pilgrim Firs and plans to move to Mexico to learn Spanish and then Uruguay to teach English.

Spring 2022

Mark Boyd announces plans to assist at Pilgrim Firs and announces plans for the summer season of PNC-UCC camps.

Fall 2021

N-Sid-Sen director Mark Boyd observed that smaller sized camps were conducive to deeper conversations and relationships.
Emerging from COVID isolation Pilgrim Firs what is next for the site to meet needs of future campers and stay relevant.

Spring 2021

N-Sid-Sen prepares sets upCOVID portocols for summer camp programs and use by families and youth.

Winter 2020

Wade Zick reports on experiences at COVID camp providing isolation for people who are ill or test positive.
N-Sid-Sen prepares for winter after a successful run with Families at Camp, hosting families for four days a week.


Summer 2020

Conference launches camp fund-raising campaign for $200,000, arranges alternative virtual camp gatherings.
Pilgrim Firs serves as an isolation/guarantine center for homeless people and first responders in Kitsap County.


Spring 2020

Brenda and Don Mallett donate funds to complete improvements to South Lodge at Pilgrim Firs and advocate for more updates.
Tree crushes cabin 8 at N-Sid-Sen during a wind storm. Plans are underway for replacing it. COVID-19 brings cancellations.
News Briefs share transitions, Pilgrim Firs serving, N-Sid-Sen camp songs, PNC's Google Group and other news.

Summer 2019

Wade Zick shares role of the arts and music in the life of Pilgrim Firs, about 65 percent of groups using the camp.
Mark Boyd promotes camps with aid of directors sharing how camps impact their lives.


November-December 2018

Teens come to mission camp at Pilgrim Firs in June to do home-improvement projects to help people stay in their home.
News includes transitions andinterfaith opportunities.
N-Sid-Sen camp theme is 'Peace Works


September 2018

N-Sid-Sen senior high camp welcomes Moina Shaiq to share about her life as a Muslim woman in the U.S..

Summer 2018

N-Sid-Sen will let fire district expand its boat dock to accommodate a boat house for a new fire boat.
N-Sid-Sen will be the site for combined PNC summer camps for all ages. Pilgrim Firs will host mission camps.
Wade Zick and Mark Boyd elicit from those at Annual Meeting the value of camps they have attended over the years.


April-May 2018

Mike Denton describes changes in the PNC camping programs over the years and new appeal for support from conference.
Wade Zick tells of impact of Friends of the Camps appeal for funding for maintenance and improvements.


February-March 2018

N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs plan their programs for youth, family and service/mission camps for summer 2018.

November-December 2017

Wade Zick describes the new mission/service camps, called 'Common Fire,' at Pilgrim Firs beginning summer 2018.


September-October 2017

Senior high camps bring together two different cultures from N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs as camps merge.
Mark Boyd summarizes summer camping programs, transition team and creative camp fires.

Summer 2017

N-Sid-Sen welcomes international staff for the summer. Pilgrim Firs has local staff, many who go home each day.

April 2017

Lake Coeur d’Alene flood levels covered campfire areas and damaged dock at N-Sid-Sen.  Snow collapsed roof of boat barn.
Wade Zick divides energies between planning Annual Meetings and 2018 intergenerational mission camps.

February 2017

nss N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs embark on new camping programing for 2018 with mission camps at Pilgrim Firs.

November-December 2015


Midwinter Retreats planned at Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.

September-October 2015

peace flags Pilgrim Firs campers learn about experiences of Syrian youth in refugee camps.
wade zick Wade Zick begins as newmanaging director at Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center.
nsidsen Senior high co-director says camps reenergize youth and give solid base for life back home.
cross at nsidsen Mark Boyd prepares camp to serve region in disasters such as summer of wildfires.

Crowes join in camps

Randy and Linda Crowe returnto the PNC and share in work and leadership of several camps.

June-July 2015

nsidsenstaff N-Sid-Sen welcomes youngadults from three countries through Camp America.
mimi land Leadership Retreat popsmyths about PNC communication and offers solutions

February-March 2015

camps N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs prepare for retreats and upcoming summer camps.

April-May 2015

midwinter Mark Boyd reports on Midwinter retreat and anticipates summer camping season.
prayer flags Prayer flags peace messages connect junior high campers and Syrian refugee youth in Jordan.

December 2013

family camp Mark Boyd announces 2014 camp season dates, theme and plans.
duwamish Environmental Justice camp in February will train people to train others.

September 2013

mark boyd Mark Boyd expresses thanks to the many people who made the 2013 camping season possible.

February 2013

N-SId-Sen dock Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen prepare for retreat and camping season in spring and summer.

February 2012

mark boyd Mark Boyd is the new director of the N-Sid-Sen camp and conference center. April events honor Randy Crowe's service.

September 2012

meighan pritchard As a UCC Environmental Justice Center, Pilgrim Firs models 'green' building practices with new roofs, insulation and other retrofits .
environmental justice retreat Environmental justice retreats help develop curricula trainees can replicate to train others in conferences around the U.S.
N-Sid-Sen staff N-Sid-Sen staff retire and new leaders take on tasks as managing director—Mark Boyd—and cook—Coby Woodruff.

December 2012

N-Sid-Sen Camps

Mark Boyd enters adventureof managing N-Sid-Sen and engaging with the campers.

Junior High Aqua Campers

Campers dive into water and parables during Junior HIgh Aqua Camp.

Camp Singing

Impact of camps reaches into the lives of local congregations and each camper.




Winter 2023-24

Nine-member youth team cleans N-Sid-Sen grounds for fire mitigation and beautification in November and December.
N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs announce plans for spring retreats and summer camping sessions for 2024.

Summer 2023

Camp managers report plans for church camps during July and August and introduce the summer staff.
Mark Boyd and Pam Peterson describe groups who use the camp in the off season as partners, sharing a commitment.
Senior high camp directors anticipate a fruitful time of activities, discussions and interactions for campers.
Family camps at N-Sid-Sen are like family reunions for many of those who attend regularly and find nurture.

Winter 2022

N-Sid-Sen announces plans for volunteers to help run camp a few months and opens registration for upcoming camps.

Summer 2022

Mark Boyd leaves N-Sid-Sen in November to be associate director at Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center.
Pilgrim Firs builds Pride Garden on its grounds in an enclosed ares with raised beds of multi-colored plants

Winter 2021

Pilgrim Firs hosts PATHH retreats to help veterans and first responders heal from trauma that limits their lives.
N-Sid-Sen is planning a regular camping season for summer 2022, with groups coming in spring and fall.
PNC Men's Retreat will be held in person with protocols at Pilgrim Firs Jan. 28 to 30, with a one-day Silent Retreat Jan. 27.

Summer 2021

Vaccinations are key to safely resuming camps and retreat programs at one-third the regular size at N-Sid-Sen this summer.
Pilgrim Firs ends COVID center and begins some retreats for stone sculpters, musicians and famlies.

Fall 2020

Camp Campaign exceeds fundraising goal of $400,000 with the help of more than 360 donors in PNC and community partners.
Wade Zick shares experience running and living on the site of the county quarantine camp at Pilgrim Firs.
Families at Camp is a new model that may continue in the future as a way to keep camps full every weekend.

Fall 2019

Four churches gather for retreat at N-Sid-Sen in early September to share in activities, worship and socializing.
Intermediate camp explores injustices and what makes for justice, sharing in conversation around the image of a tree.
One-acre fire at N-Sid-Sen was put out quickly because fire chief was there. Cleanup relates to ongoing forest management.

April-May 2019

N-Sid-Sen announces summer camping programs around the theme "Peace Works." Directors are named.
Pilgrim Firs work on sewage system likened to work camps are doing to evaluate their priorities and programs.


January-March 2019

Eric and Laurie Ford share family's history at N-Sid-Sen and their own participation in family camps for 30 years.
Randy Crowe recruits volunteers for hurricane rebuilding pilgrimage mission in Puerto Rico in March.
East Side Fire District recognizes Mark Boyd and N-Sid-Sen for their support of the district with dock and events.
Kaila Russell reports in online newsletter on activities and programs at Pilgrim Firs during 2018.


November-December 2016

Camps prepare for midwinter junior and senior high youth retreats in January and March at Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.

September-October 2016

Extended family's lives intersect with summer camps and retreats at N-Sid-Sen.
Pilgrim Firs announces upcoming retreats for the Conference.
Senior High Aqua Camp install benches along trails and a bridge at N-Sid-Sen.
PNC's Annual Men's Retreat gives men in conference opportunity to reflect.

June-July 2016

'Fearless Faith' is theme for 2016 summer camp curriculum at N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs.
Linda Crowe recounts how junior high campers made a "peace" quilt/comforter for someone at Hospice House.

April 2016

Camps plan counselor trainingduring summer, announce camp dates, seek funds for mattresses and plan curriculum.

February 2016

Camps announce summer camp theme, environmental justice camp and campaign for new mattresses.

December 2014

n-sid-sen sunset Mark Boyd encouragespeople coming to camp to focus on three words: breathe, listen and passion.
deeg nelson Deeg Nelson will leavePilgrim Firs role to work in Olympia to promote environmental health.
men's retreat The Men's Retrest theme is 'Exploring Paths to Mature Manhood.'

September-October 2014

sunset dance Number of campers upslightly in 2014. N-Sid-Sen activities inspire campers and counselors.
kumbayah Pilgrim Firs used Bobthe Sock Monkey for promotions and to welcome campers.

June-July 2014

deeg and mark Camp managers anticipateimprovements needed for Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.

April-May 2014

camps Camps gear up for summer season and for Western Regional Youth Event.

February-March 2014

nsssunset Camps use Facebook to communicate with campers and keep up enthusiasm.

February 2011

young adults Youth and Young Adult Task Force connects young people and plans events to build PNC leadership.
Camps 'Got Spirit?' is the theme campers will explore during 2011 summer camps at Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen.

April 2011

Camps Camps announce 2011 sessions, directors, dates and theme "Got Spirit: Seeing God in the Everyday."

Summer 2011

Dana Weir
Dana Weir says camp and PNC friends have continued through the years and have a unique bond.
Kaila, Kristen and Sharon
Group evaluates role of PNC camps in life of conference and in lives of people who go to camps and retreats.

October 2011

Campers install sign Campers gain sense of awe as they learn different ways to pray, do a service project and experience more at 2011 PNC camps.
Jim Deming Environmental Justice Center is launched at Pilgrim Firs with a call to our responsibility to God to care for creation.
Nancy Minard Nancy Minard's hobby has been her ticket to participating in assisting with basket weaving at N-Sid-Sen for 12 years.

April 2010

Bobbi Virta Three PNC work camps maintain commitment to rebuilding post-Katrina New Orleans homes.

September 2010

Joy Peterson Forty campers and leaders joined in camp songs as part of celebrating and remembering N-Sid-Sen's 75-year history.
Linda Crowe Quilts incorporate t-shirtsmost of which Linda Crowe of Veradale UCC designed for 16 of 19 years.
Camp Long-term commitment from repeat camp directors lends continuity to Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen summer camp programs.


Deeg Nelson points out needfor church involvement to keep up camps.

November 2010

Mark Boyd Youth director puts his plumbing and maintenance skills to work improving Pilgrim Firs.

September 2009

nsidsenband Reflective acoustics of water enables campers to sing out during campfires.
doris and cathie Two women celebrate 50 years of friendship since they met at a Pilgrim Firs family camp in 1959.
camper As theme, "Breakthrough," said, campers experienced breakthroughs in their lives and ablities.

December 2009

Robbie Paul Robbie Paul shares her sacred storyof going to sacred spaces to heal history of unresolved grief of Native Americans.
Walt Lofstroom Walt Lofstrom writes songs with neighborhood children, a model for campers writing camp songs about their experiences.
Bruce Druckmiller Bruce Druckenmiller of Penn Central Conference tells offragile state of camping in some UCC conferences .

Pilgrim Firs

Pilgrim Firs explores becoming a national environmental justice center.





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