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Conference Minister Mike Denton's Comments

Spring 2022

Mike Denton's columm says that the world needs the church as a movement for peace, freedom and knowledge.

Fall 2021

Mike Denton reflects on how divisions are being used by both sides to break trust and consolidate power.

Spring 2021

MIke Denton's suggests that emerging from the pandemic will take planning because the world needs the church's work.

Winter 2020

MIke Denton's column speaks of the power of love, especially during COVID, and invites people to choose to love.


Summer 2020

Mike Denton reflects on impact of COVID-19 on our attitudes and lives, calling for it to be a time to change our lives and the world.


Winter 2019-20

Mike Denton points out the power of churches being in solidarity within their groups and with community people.


Fall 2019

Mike Denton reflects on the value of sabbatical time to step back from overworking and gain perspective.


Summer 2019

Mike Denton stirs responsible action to have impact on climate change for the sake of everyone's future.

April-May 2019

Mike Denton challenges people to think about what they bring when they participate in worship and listen to sermons.


January 2019

Mike Denton comments on role of churches in accompanying people and offering their presence with people.

November 2018

Mike Denton reinforces discussion in Conference about deepening relationships as a 2018-19 PNC goal.

September 2018

Mike Denton discusses risking and experimenting as opportunities to learn, regardless of success.

Summer 2018

In his column, Mike Denton points out that doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly require relationships.


April-May 2018

Mike Denton invites recognizing now as the time for giving to the conference and deepening relationships to do God's calling.


February-March 2018

Mike Denton observes that things as things continue to get worse, we need to rely on wisdom and meaning.

November-December 2017

Mike Denton observes that things are going to get worse, and there's no optimistic side. Things are going to get worse.


September 2017

Meighan Pritchard writes PNC column about a mosque spreading God's radical love across boundaries at a barbeque.


Summer 2017

Understanding the cycle of the victim/villain/hero helps both individuals and congregations address conflict.


April 2017

Conference Minister Mike Denton says that the church is the place to practice, encourage empathy


February 2017

Mike Denton Mike Denton discusses issues of the separation of church and state as needed to prevent establishment of a religion.


November-December 2016

Mike Denton reports on national UCC Board meeting on vision, values and mission.

September-October 2016

Mike Denton applies ideas from Journal of Business to congregations.

June-July 2016

Church leadership is important for both clergy and lay people to help implement a church's mission.

April 2016

Mike Denton explores issues and innuendoes related to church membership for today.

February 2016

Mike Denton's column reflects on clarity about UCC welcome to everyone no matter where they are on their faith journey.

November-December 2015

mike denton Mike Denton discusses new metrics for measuring lives of congregations.

September-October 2015

mike denton MIke Denton suggests fiveideas and observations from church and clergy transitions.

Wildfire response develops

Mike Denton discussesopportunities for PNC members to respond to wildfire disaster.



Summer 2022

In his column, Mike Denton observes that complaining goes not bring change but planning and organizing do.

Winter 2021

Mike Denton says that this season teaches us that confronting our fragility makes us strong.

Summer 2021

MIke Denton observes that Bible and history can be complicated and suggests a book study..

Fall 2020

Mike Denton asks how people will show God's love when they engage in the sacred act of stewardship: voting.

Spring 2020

Mike Denton shares the disruption and possibilities being brought by congregations not gathering because of COVID-19.

June-July 2015

mike denton Mike Denton continueshis reflections on dynamics of wearing a clergy collar.

April-May 2015

denton Mike Denton shares his observations about using a clergy collar in first of two-parts.

February-March 2015

mike denton MIke Denton believesway church conflicts are handled is a critical issue.

December 2014

mike denton MIke Denton reflectson roles of rites and rituals in faith journeys.

September-October 2014

mike denton Mike Denton reminds pastorsof the need for self-care as part of boundary training.


June-July 2014

mike denton Mike Denton says that ministry is about letting go to allow oneself to be shaped.

April-May 2014

mike denton Mike Denton shares value of WRYE as a regional church gathering for youth.


February-March 2014

mike denton Despite low ratings in polls, members continue to be the church and serve.


December 2013

mike denton Mike Denton discusses what to do when there are conflicts in a congregation.

June-July 2013

Mike Denton Mike Denton advisestaking time to live and love, to discover reality away from screens.


April-May 2013

Mike Denton

Is now the time for churches to partner to open conversation on guns.

February-March 2013

Mike Denton Mike Denton reflects on role of transparency and indignation in conflicts.

February 2012

Mike Denton Mike Denton challenges churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

April 2012

Mike Denton Mike Denton invites churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

December 2012

Mike Denton

God calls us to embody our proclamation of love, faith and grace in word and deed.


February 2011

Mike Denton Visit to Tuscon stirs awareness of immigration issues and becomes surreal connection with tragic shootings.

Summer 2011

Mike Denton Mike Denton tells of environmental threat and injustice to native communities from nuclear mining contamination.

December 2011

Mike Denton's Column

Reviewing requests for assistancefrom Insurance Assistance Fund shows many retired clergy experience poverty.

September 2010

MIke Denton Mike Denton comments on role of churches to make a difference as Pilgrim Firs as Environmental Justice Center.

November 2010

Mike Denton Conference Minister Mike Denton reflects on conflicts in election season and approaches to church conflicts.

September 2009

communion Mike Denton cites Rosa Park's experience as an example for the Conference to discuss, vision and act.





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