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April-May 2019

Team of 25 from PNC and DOC help with rebuilding projects for week in Puerto Rico to help people recover from hurricanes.
Paul Ashby spends time engaging in interfaith dialogue in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan.
Faith Leaders in Spokane join in vigils at temple and mosque, challenge Superfund sites in Inland Northwest.
PNC churches collect funds to send to Global Ministries for relief and recovery after Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


January-March 2019

Randy Crowe recruits volunteers for hurricane rebuilding pilgrimage mission in Puerto Rico in March.
Paul Ashby embarks on sabbatical peace mission and interfaith dialogue in Asian countries.


November 2018

Loren McGrail will visit UCC and Disciples churches to share of her work with the YWCA in Palestine.
Broadview UCC shares in at ecumenical Day of the Deadworship with Lutheran and Episcopal neighbors.

September 2018

Global mission co-workerwill be available to speak in churches about her work with the YWCA in Palestine.
Ruth Calkins of Newport writes book about taking her dachshund, Max, for a humanitarian visit in Malawi.

Summer 2018

Ed Evans reports on Korean churches' involvement in encouraging the North-South Korea ties, and summit with U.S.


April-May 2018

Mission co-worker in Hong Kong visits PNC churches to tell of his work for human rights in Asia.


September-October 2017

South Korean partners call for an end to the war of words so there can be progress towards a peace treaty.

Summer 2017

PNC global partners in East Seoul Presbytery share concerns about military tensions on the Korean peninsula.
PNC couple volunteered to teach English with Global Ministries partners in Sri Lanka for three months in 2017.

April 2017

Kim and Eric Free learned to listen and learn about local people in Mozambique before starting projects.


February 2017

Erik and Kim Free Erik and Kim Free visit in Northwest churches to tell about their work with Global Ministries in Mozambique.
Mary Olney Two members of All Pilgrimsspend three months in Sri Lanka as volunteers with UCC/Disciples Global Ministries.

November-December 2015

kmbris bond Kmbris Bond helps Ten Thousand Villages Store in Seattle be successful.
eliza penik Eliza Penick promotes Heifer International projects to address poverty and community.
bob porter Bob Porter returns to Sri Lanka 17 years after he served there as a missionary.

September-October 2015

peace flags Pilgrim Firs campers learn about experiences of Syrian youth in refugee camps.

Korea invites delegates

Global partners in Seoulinvite UCC and Disciples to send regional delegation in May.

June-July 2015

nsidsenstaff N-Sid-Sen welcomes young adults from three countries through Camp America.
john deckenback John Deckenback reflectson history of missionaries and churches in Inland NW.
tom kobin Marshall Islands UCC shares with Annual Meeting its music and story of its islands.

April-May 2015

dee eisenhauer Dee Eisenhauer visits Holy Land for first time to learn more about Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
mozambique road Global Ministries offers opportunities to learn about East Timor and Mozambique.
prayer flags Prayer flags peace messages connect junior high campers and Syrian refugee youth in Jordan.

February-March 2015

Global MInistries Committee writes letter of solidarity to a church in Seoul, South Korea.

December 2013

mfanefile Mission partners recall their experiences in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was freed.
new orleans Jim Spraker reports on fall visit to New Orleans to see how recovery from Katrina is going.

September-October 2013

ana and tod gobledale Mission associates share about life in two churches they serve in London, England.
Linda gasparovic Linda Gasparovic will attend Bossey's Ecumenical Institute for semester of study.
clint cannon Ruth Cannon gives gift to honor her late husband, Clint Cannon's, involvement in global ministries.


Carlos Madrazo retires after 55 years of global ministries service, most recently in East Timor.

June-July 2013

Mary Margaret Pruitt Korean delegates present portrait of Mary Margaret and Paul Pruitt as part of 20th anniversary of ties.

Febuary 2013

Jeffrey Mensendiek Jeffrey Mensendiek shares his mission work in Japan during recent itineration in region.
Marvin Eckfeldt Marvin Eckfeldt reports on Global Ministries Committee's work with itinerations, promoting Global Mission church covenants.

December 2011

UCC churches reach out PNC treasurer's experiences in China, Dominican Republic and Haiti open her to trust as books close for the year.
Jerry Hargitt Jerry Hargitt's monthly column reports on use of funds for Our Church's Wider Mission and One Great Hour of Sharing.

October 2011

Doug and Liz Searles Couple in mission raise concern about plight of Roma in Europe and the issues for the marginalized Polish Reformed Church.
Kirkland Peace Pole Kirkland UCC's peace pole is readily visible to people who walk or drive by the church, which is near downtown.
Korean visitor in canoe South Korean young women interact with about 50 young adults in the PNC as part of their global partner visit in July.

Summer 2011

Wesley teens repair roof Yakama Christian Mission seeks volunteers to help rebuild homes after February firestorm.
Ken Colman
Ken Colman represents PNC on ecumenical Washington disaster relief and recovery agencies.
Young adults from Seoul, South Korea,visit PNC July 20 to 26, with plans to meet with young adults in the region.

April 2011

Mary Charles Need for rebuilding in New Orleans continues, but national UCC funding for it is running out.

Korean visit

PNC and Korean young adults meetin July to engage in dialogue on issues of concern in their faith lives.

February 2011

Afghanistan petition Peace Action Group prepared petition to end war in Afghanistan. Church sent 250 signatures.
Jerry Montgomery Jerry Montgomery helps churches adopt soldiers serving in Afghanistan and keeps them in contact through online media.
Gale Peterson Gale Peterson discusses how mission and stewardship empower children to live their faith.

December 2009

Robbie Paul Robbie Paul shares her sacred story of going to sacred spaces to heal history of unresolved grief of Native Americans.
Alison Stendahl Alison Stendahl converses online with PNC's Global Ministries Committee. She serves at a school in Turkey.

Global Partner

Retired German pastor gives insights 20 years after fall of Berlin wall.

September 2009

terry provance Global Ministries Committee encourages investments through Oikocredit in the lives of people.


November-December 2016

Kim and Eric Free visit PNC churches to share about their experiences in mission in Mozambique.

September-October 2016

Faavae Fou Samoan church becomes a UCC church to connect youth with activities.
Ana Gobledale compiles and publishes online Worship Words website.
Erik and Kim Free return from serving with Global MInistries in Mozambique.

Wells of Hope

Keystone UCC member shares information on Wells of Hope projects in Kenya.

June 2016

PNC global partner delegatesvisiting South Korea in May learn about peace issues and reunification efforts of church.
Farm Worker NW Ministry asks UCC and others to join berry boycott to support farm worker justice.

April 2016

Partner visit to South Koreawill include DMZ, House of Sharing and Gangjeong Village protest site.


Ruth Brandon reports about mission partners in East Timor, Mozambique and Hong Kong.

February 2016

Ruth Brandon seeks to share about her eight years in mission in Mozambique and other global connections.
Global Ministries Committee recruits for committee and for partnership visit to the East Seoul Presbytery.

September-October 2014

alison stendahl Alison Stendahl sharesiabout history and mission in Turkey as she visits area churches.

June-July 2014

alison stendahl Alison Stendahl will visit PNC in September to tell of mission work 34 years in Turkey.
linda gasparec Linda Gasparec immersedherself in the multicultural diversity of church at Bossey.

February-March 2014

Erik and Kim Free Mission partners share their plans to begin serving with Global Ministries in Mozambique.

September 2012

ed evans Ed Evans is ready to share about serving as a volunteer with Global Ministries teaching English to PNC partner pastors in Korea.
tom liddle Tom and Monica Liddle tell of their three years serving as Global MInistries partners serving in East Timor.
N-Sid-Sen staff N-Sid-Sen staff retire and new leaders take on tasks as managing director—Mark Boyd—and cook—Coby Woodruff.

December 2012

Jim Spraker

Delegation learns of issues partners in German churches are addressing.


Transitions, retreats, events, mission trip to Korea, Annual Meeting speaker announced.

November 2010

Peter and Pedro Pastors offer radical hospitality to Guatemalan teen who is seeking asylum in the United States.

September 2010

Lloyd Van Vactor Retired missionary leads interfaith council to build common ground and healthy Muslim-Christian relationships.

June 2010

PROK Visit to South Korea stirs awareness of how faith is shaped by a culture. Global partner churches learn from each other.
Clint Cannon Clint Cannon's ongoing education is behind United Churches in University Place having a high level of giving to OGHS.

April 2010

Bobbi Virta Three PNC work camps maintain commitment to rebuilding post-Katrina New Orleans homes.
Marilyn Wilson Marilynne Wilson visits Cubaas part of a Witness for Peace health care research team.

February 2010

Samoan church Samoan church continues aid for relatives and communities through Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa.
Mary Ann Teeters 2008 delegate to Korea shares insights from her experiences visiting Seoul and hosting visitors last year.
Global partners in Germany and Korea invite delegations from conference to events in Brandenburg and Seoul.






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