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Monroe UCC changes lighting in sanctuary and fellowship hall

Sue Bell, a member of Monroe UCC, upgraded all the lights in her farm home about three years ago and suggested the church do the same.

Snohomish County Public Utility District said that if the church upgraded, rebates would help pay for a third to half of the cost.

“We changed all the lighting in the sanctuary, which had many eight-foot fluorescent fixtures. We replaced them with four-foot fixtures that use less electricity and do not become as hot,” Bell said.
Fluorescent lights along the sides of the ceiling backlight the ceiling and wall.

Looking at the electrical bill, they also decided they could receive a rebate for the old refrigerator and buy a new one that uses less electricity.

Upgrades were made in the fellowship hall beginning three years ago and in the sanctuary last year. Outside lighting has also been changed from incandescent and floodlights to fluorescent.

The large, old-fashioned lamps in the sanctuary remain, but Bell said trustees have talked of newer lights with fans to move hot air when it’s hot, and to transfer hot air from the ceiling when it’s cool.

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