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Conference Leadership Reports

Fall 2023

PNC Board continues to suppport the search process for interim conference minister and efforts to build PNC ministries.
Acting Conference Minister Jonna Jensen likens this time in the PNC to the fall went leaves fall off trees as they transition.

Spring 2023

Acting Conference Minister Courtney Stange-Tregear introduces PNC staff members Arlene, Andy and Mark.
Acting Conference Minister Courtney Stange-Tregear shares stories of four Board leaders, Tara, Indigo, Hillary and Wendy.

Fall 2022

Courtney Stange-Tregear has begun as the Acting Conference Minister with a goal to focus on relationships and storytelling.
Tara Leininger welcomes and introduces Courtney Stange-Tregear in her new role as Acting Conference Minister.
Tara Leininger communicates with conference on a series of changes in PNC personnel and plans for search teams.
Mark Boyd will be managing director at Pilgrim Firs after he leaves after 10 years as managing director at N-Sid-Sen.


Spring 2020

Courtney Stange-Tregear compiles opportunity for people to share stories and Lenten reflections online.



Winter 2023-24

PNC Board continues seeks to improve its communication through connecting with each of the PNC committees and staff members.
Acting Conference Minister Jonna Jensen asks PNC members what is pulling them "beyond believing."


Summer 2023

While transition is stressful, Jonna Jensen sees PNC filled with gifted leadership to help through this time.
Jonna Jensen invites everyoneto be open to the possibility that the Holy Spirit might be calling them to serve in ministry.
PNC Board establishes Search Committee for intentional interim conference minister and announces timeline.

Winter 2022

Acting Conference Minister Courtney Stange-Tregear provides information on Anti-Racism Fund use.
Tara Leininger announces new board members and plans for Annual Meeting on April 28 to 30 at Bellingham UCC.


Fall 2020

Hillary Coleman reports on PNC Board's actions on anti-racism, deepening relationships and communication.





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