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N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs summer registration opens

By Mark Boyd

The theme for this year’s Midwinter Retreats was “All In: Living Your Life with Purpose.”

Midwinter Youth Retreat

Mid-Winter Retreat participants at N-Sid-Sen joined in a hungry-hippo game on the floor of Stillwater Lodge.                       Photo by Mark Boyd

Dana Sprenkle and Sara McDonald directed the junior and senior high retreat in March at N-Sid-Sen with 42 campers and staff.

Susan Andresen and Rich Porter directed the junior high Midwinter Retreat at Pilgrim Firs with 55 campers and staff.

Kristen Almgren and Andrew Conley-Holcom directed senior high Midwinter Retreat at Pilgrim Firs with 50 campers and staff.

In addition to great food, fun games and of course some version of the talent show, they talked about what it means to truly step all into our lives.


The youth at both Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen came to camp and looked at how putting yourself all into your life has both great potential and even greater responsibilities.

Midwinter retreats are designed to give youth a much-needed break at camp and come meet new and old friends during those sometime dark and wet days of winter.

It also allows youth who may be new or unsure of camp to experience a smaller, scaled down version of summer camp.

Many youth who come to a Midwinter camp for their first time register for summer camp right after returning home.

So if it’s now time for children and youth to register for summer camp right away.

It’s going to be another great year.

Registration for all camps is available not at

Come home to the lake, Lake Coeur d’Alene at N-Sid-Sen or Lake Flora at Pilgrim Firs.


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