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N-Sid-Sen has fire station on site, busy despite snow

In November 2018, Mark Boyd, managing diector of N-Sid-Sen Calmp and Conference Center, announced that N-Sid-Sen would be hosting a new fire boat in conjunction with East Side Fire District.

That is now complete.

New dock and East Side Fire District Station #4 boathouse for a fire boat change the view in the cove at N-Sid-Sen on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Photos courtesy of Mark Boyd

“In fact, not only is there a new boat house with a fire boat sitting in our cove, but also there is a fire station on site. East Side Fire District has named this station #4.

East Side Fire District is a volunteer fire department, meaning this is not a manned station, he said.

“What it does mean is a possible discount in our insurance,” Mark said. “It also means EMT’s and fire district folks will have an even quicker response time.

“It means that we have a brand new dock to replace our badly worn out one at no cost to us and all maintenance will be done by East Side Fire District,” he said. “We also have a new dock for our groups for mooring or just hanging out on.” 

It also means something new and large in the once empty cove.

It means a big building in the skyline where there was nothing.

It does mean the likelihood of a couple of vehicles coming into camp as they head out to assist folks in danger.

Mark said that it is important to know it is extremely unlikely that any folks will be coming into camp needing emergency assistance.

This station will be for housing the fire boat, not for transporting folks into or through camp. 

Mark reported that “this year N-Sid-Sen had more than three feet of snow, which kept us busy plowing, shoveling and pulling campers cars out.

Camp dog, Sage, stands in a path that was dug to the beach.

“In spite the snow, or perhaps because of we had a steady flow of groups coming out.”

Most folks enjoyed sitting in Forrester lodge around the fireplace, watching the snowfall outside, he said.

Most of the snow has melted and rains are coming, but Mark expects the water level will not rise as high as it did last year.

Mark continues to post photos on Facebook along with verses to offer moments of connecting with camp and sharing faith and life reflections along with reflections of the sun, sky and scenery, like on March 31:

A new day

   with new possibilities

A new spring

   with abundant responsibilities

A brighter joy

   grows from within

The sun brings it,

   we carry it forward.

We are the brightness.

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