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Youth camp at N-Sid-Sen focus on ‘Peace Works’

Campers for 2019 youth and family summer camps at N-Sid-Sen will focus reflections around the theme, “Peace Works - Empowering the Next Generation of Peacemakers.” 

Kaila Russell of the Outdoor Ministries Committee said that campers will consider how peace is a prayer and is life’s work. They will look at stories of peace and justice in Scripture. She encourages churches to recruit youth to go to camp this summer.

July 7 to 13 will be the Intermediate Camp led by Stephen Hadden and Kaila, and Junior High Camp led by Leah Atkinson Bilinski and Leda Zakarison.

Eric Anderson is director for the Kids Camp, which is July 14 to 17, overlapping a few days with Senior High Camp, which will be July 14 to 20.  Cory Mclay and Anna Colwell will lead Senior High Camp.

Other camp directors are Bruce Wilson for the Emerging Adult Camp, July 19 to 21; Amy Johnson and Ryan Lambert for Family Camp 1, which will be July 28 to Aug. 3, and Janet Malley for Family Camp 2 (Camp Together), which will be Aug. 4 to 10.

Registration will be online at


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