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25 from PNC and DOC-NW rebuild in Puerto Rico

Meighan Pritchard, Rick Russell and Gary Loyd were ready to work on their first day on repairs in Puerto Rico.

Photos courtesy of Mary Olney-Loyd and Meighan Pritchard

Disciples and UCC folks spent the first week of April rebuilding homes in central Puerto Rico on a Mission Pilgrimage to Puerto Rico arranged through the Global Ministries Committee and let by Randy Crowe, who led similar recovery work teams for several years in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The team of 25 is staying at Camp Morton, a DOC camp there, while they help homeowners in the mountains near Barranquitas, PR, rebuild after Hurricanes Maria and Irma, said Mary Olney-Loyd in Facebook reports.

“From the dorm where we are staying, we can see equipment moving earth to repair a landslide at the camp,” said Mary.  “With the loss of many trees, there have been landslides in many places in this mountainous land.”

While one group worked on resealing a roof, Mary and Margaret Ennis of Westminster UCC in Spokane scraped walls and the ceiling of a carport and painted it.

“My worker buddies,” said Mary, “are Randy Crowe who knows carpentry and Margaret. We drink lots of water.

Equipment cleans up landslide after a recent rain. Dorm where team is staying is in the background.

“Randy fixed window cranks and put in an inside door. Margaret and I scraped walls and ceiling of a carport and to paint,” she said.

Tasks included sealing a roof, bathroom repair, demolishing and replacing a roof, painting, repairing/replacing windows and doors, and installing floors.

The team members were Eric Johnson from Wayside UCC in Federal Way; Van Kichline, Dick Johnson, and Ryan and daughter Grace Lambert of Kirkland UCC; Meighan Pritchard and Rick Russell of Prospect UCC, Mary and Gary Loyd of All Pilgrims, Ed Philyaw and grandson, Cole Dalton, of St. Paul’s UCC, and Jim Spraker, Dan Durland and Jocelyn Colt-Durland of Plymouth UCC all in Seattle; Mary Rupert, Margaret Ennis, Kent Johnson, and Randy and Linda Crowe of Westminster UCC in Spokane; and David and Kathy Helseth, Dennis Boyd, Becky Buell, and Jim and Cheryl Prokop from Englewood in Yakima.

Randy Crowe with Margaret Ennis, both of Westminster in Spokane, repairs a window and put in an inside door.

For information, check Facebook: Mary Olney-Loyd and Meigan Pritchard or email randycrowe. crowe@

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