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Stewardship Committee appeals for donations

For the past few years, members of the PNC-UCC Stewardship Committee have appealed to those gathered for our Conference Annual meeting to give a gift in support of the Friends of the Conference/Camps fund. 

This has been a way for those most involved in the Conference and our camps to personally support the amazing ministry we share.

They are now renewing that request. 

As members of the Stewardship Committee and staff, we have each committed to make a Friends of the Conference/Camps gift in an amount that is significant for us. 

While these amounts vary, 100 percent of us have made a financial commitment that celebrates and affirms the importance of the Pacific Northwest Conference in our lives.

The committee invites local church leaders and delegates to the Annual Meeting to make a meaningful gift that reflects their commitment to the Conference.  

There are opportunities to give online through the Conference website——or send a gift to the Conference office. 

Gifts may be designated to Conference ministries and/or to one or both of the camps.   

“We hope for a generous response from those who best know the multi-faceted work of our Conference and those called to serve,” said members of the Stewardship Committee. “We hope to hear from you either before or at this year’s virtual annual meeting. As leaders we are called to lead, and a vital part of leadership is our generosity.”

Members of the PNC Stewardship Committee and staff sending the letter are Kendall Baker, Ed Coleman, Ron Patterson, Martha Baldwin, Mike Denton, Kyna Shilling, Leah Atkinson Bilinski, Arlene Hobson, Courtney Stange-Tregear, Wendy Blight, Diana Kutas, Andy Warren, Jim CastroLang, Tom Miller and Wade Zick.

For information, contact Kendall Baker, chairperson, Stewardship Committee at


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