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Conference invites donations to Anti-racism Fund

By Andy Warren - PNC Accounting Manger

Delegates, friends of the conference and conference churches will soon be receiving an appeal letter from the PNC Stewardship Committee asking for support to raise funding for the Conference work towards anti-racism.

The PNC-UCC has a $52,000 budget commitment that was unanimously voted for by delegates at the last annual meeting.

The Conference has two options to fulfill the commitment: use our board-controlled funds—money used to sustain the conference when OCWM and other contributions are lower than expenses—or receive additional financial support from people throughout the PNC for this antiracism priority initiative.

If we exceed this $52,000 goal, all gifts will go directly to the Anti-racism Fund and allow us to increase the impact made by our financial contributions

As a member of this committee, I wanted to share with you why I will be, and have been supporting our anti-racism fund. I believe I have been incredibly blessed and fortunate in my life. I grew up in white middle class suburbia, was fortunate enough to graduate from college without loans, and was even more fortunate to hold senior management positions in accounting and finance at a variety of companies over a span of 45 years.

Frankly, while I always worked hard, I believe I was also this fortunate because I am white. I benefited from our white supremacy culture and the systems that support it. I had opportunities that were simply not afforded to others.

I believe it is my duty as a Christian and my sense of fairness to share my time and money to help break down this unjust system so all may be afforded the opportunities I had. This is my personal belief.

 Like many of you, I also believe in the work of the UCC and in the work of the Pacific Northwest Conference. The last four words of our Conference mission statement -“and working for justice”- says it all for me and

So I ask that when you receive this letter in the weeks ahead, prayerfully consider giving to justice and our anti-racism efforts. It is important that we make a difference.

It is important that our annual meeting votes are more than just words.

To donate, visit


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