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Feature Articles and News Stories Listed by Issue Date

Feature Articles and News Stories Listed by Issue Date

December 2012-January 2013

clergy rally

Gail Crouch organized UCC churches supporting marriage equality.

Liberation UCC Choir

UCC clergy witness by presence Dec. 6 at marriage license offices.

Debra Jarvis

Debra Jarvis is writer in residence at church and a UCC disaster chaplain.

N-Sid-Sen Camps

Mark Boyd enters adventure of managing N-Sid-Sen.

Junior High Aqua Campers

Campers dive into water and parables during Junior HIgh Aqua Camp.

Camp Singing

Impact of camps reaches lives of local congregations and campers.

Lee Anne Beres

Earth Ministry organizes faiths to voice concern about export of coal.


Randy and Linda Crowe report on coal trains passing through Spokane.

Young Adult Interns

National UCC interns serve in justice ministries and PNC churches in Seattle.


Transitions, retreats, events, mission trip to Korea, Annual Meeting speaker announced.

Marcia McLaughlin

Sculpture and bronze leaves call attention to homeless people in Seattle.

Alki tent

Tent on chancel for Advent represents Alki's concern about homeless families.

Jim Spraker

Delegation learns of issues partners in German churches are addressing.

Lorna Kropp

Faith Formation replaces Partners in Education for resourcing education shift.

National youth ministries

PNC sends lay leaders to national UCC network for youth ministers.

Donald Schmidt

Donald Schmidt shares new Bible translation with study guides.

Rich Gamble

Rich Gamble reflects ways churches and members can be "justice seekers."

Workshop Ideas

Justice & Witness offes workshops for justice education events.

Mike Denton

God calls us to embody our proclamation of love, faith and grace.

September-October 2012

lisa clar Lisa Clark at Bellevue First nourished as part of national UCC programs to encourage long-term ministries by younger clergy.
chris hanson PNC moderator Chris Hanson reports on the development of a mission and vision statement at the Leadership Retreat in May.
ed evans Ed Evans is ready to share about serving as a volunteer with Global Ministries teaching English to PNC partner pastors in Korea.
tom liddle Tom and Monica Liddle tell of their three years serving as Global MInistries partners serving in East Timor.
chip laird Delegates share ideas and concerns on issues related to the budget, resolutions and national church governance.
mike denton Mike Denton responds to questions on issues in the life of the Pacific Northwest Conference for his report to Annual Meeting.
tara barber Tara Barbare reports on PNC participation in the 2012 National Youth Event and a service project at a food bank in Indianapolis.

News Briefs

Transitions, events and opportunities for service and action are among the September 2012 News Briefs.
ben guess workshop Ben Guess shares resources on faith formation in a workshop at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Richland.
ben guess Local Church Ministries exec preaches on his hope that new models of being church are emerging and will continue to emerg.
meighan pritchard As a UCC Environmental Justice Center, Pilgrim Firs models 'green' building practices with new roofs, insulation and other retrofits .
environmental justice retreat Environmental justice retreats help develop curricula trainees can replicate to train others in conferences around the U.S.
elizabeth dilleu Elizabeth Dilley preached and taught at Annual Meeting on small, remnant congregations.
brandon duran Brandon Duran and workshop participants discuss dynamics of immediacy, ethics and use of social networking by churches.
mike denton Mike Denton's column shares a letter extolling youth participants in the National Youth Event during July in Indianapolis.
N-Sid-Sen staff N-Sid-Sen staff retire and new leaders take on tasks as managing director—Mark Boyd—and cook—Coby Woodruff.

April-May 2012

erikstrommen2 Erik Strommen finds technology helps connect people who might otherwise be isolated from their congregation.
brandonduran Moderator focuses on building covenant relationships among congregations and with the conference.
gale peterson Partners in Education offer advice and resources for churches to develop Safe Church or Safe Conduct Guidelines.

News Briefs

News Briefs offer transitions, trainings, retreats and camp dates.
annual meeting Annual Meeting has business, spiritual sides as the Conference gathers April 17 to 19 in Pasco.
patsonnenstuhl Volunteer webmaster helps United Churches work with consultant to re-design the church's website so it's more interactive.
Mike Denton Mike Denton invites churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

February-March 2012

mark boyd Mark Boyd has been named the director on N-Sid-Sen camp and conference center. April events will honor Randy Crowe's service.
Ann Eidson Ann Eidson was among those who testified in favor of a bill for marriage equality before the state legislature.
Mike Denton Mike Denton challenges churches to find ways to hear diverse opinions in upcoming political season.

News Briefs

Upcoming events include Just Faith program, FaithTrust webinar, Justice LED trainings, Preaching Festival and more.
Jerry Montgomery Jerry Montgomery helps churches adopt soldiers serving in Afghanistan and keeps them in contact through online media.
Las Posadas Keystone UCC helps activate neighborhood to join Occupy Movement in family-friendly ways to do justice.
Linda Crowe Veradale and Mercer Island UCC churches each voted recently to be Open and Affirming.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting keynoters look at church from rural and national perspectives to help people "Connect."


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