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We need you to help spread the word on the PNC News

In this newsmagazine and online, we have content for Pacific Northwest Conference communication and connections.  It’s in news and features on life, resources, events, people and ministries in the conference and congregations.

Our goal is to build connections, pool ideas, share stories, offer resources, build awareness, inspire action and stir hope.

As we use new media, our first hurdle is for pastors and church leaders to let us know how to deliver the content we offer into the hands and computers of church members.

If you are reading this, you are accessing the website either through or directly at  (We will seek to simplify that website URL as we set up more pages.)

We need to inform people in the conference and congregations how to access the information, so we increase visits to the website.

To do that we need to call and email all churches, pastors, conference leaders and each person we interview to help us spread the word, to add website links, to print copies of the PDF files, to survey members on preferences and to sign up members.  Will you help us?

Each person I converse with—and I hope you will do the same with each person you connect with in your church and the conference—I am asking questions to learn about their media use, habits and preferences:

• What media do you use and prefer?

• Will you access and read the copy online?

• Please include a link or links from your church website to the pncnews website. 

• Please add links to specific articles, perhaps on pages related to ministries?

• Do you want to be notified of new copy by email, RSS subscription, the PNC-UCC yahoogroup, the pncucc website, our Facebook group or how?

• Will you download and read the pdf?

• Will you print and read the pdf?

• Do you prefer the 8 1/2 by 11 format or legal sheet half size for reprinting?

• Do you prefer color or black and white?

• Will you print copies to share with others?

• Will you hand out copies at church?

• Will you include it in your newsletter and regular email notices?

• Do you want us to a print copies?

• How many copies for your church?

• What are their names and mailing addresses or email addresses?

• Will you/they donate to help cover the costs of printing and mailing?

The questions are detailed, but your replies can be as simple.  As we progress into new media, we need to be sensitive to maintain communication with those who are and are not flowing into and with the ever-changing media.

As we develop our use of media, we hope to make it possible for you to share stories—to submit ideas, send photos and report on ministries.  Essentially, that is how the stories in this edition developed.

We learned of ideas and interviewed people.  They sent photos.  Some sent copy.  They reviewed the copy, edited for clarity and to fit on the pages.  You are the news sources.  Sharing your stories is a phone call or email away—then we will schedule it with the other copy. 

As online visits increase, we will include some stories only online, recognizing that we do not want an overload of new information—just enough to digest.

The Pacific Northwest Conference News is just one element of conference communication—the journalistic piece. 

Other elements include the website, the yahoo group emails, the monthly packet, Skype and online conferencing for meetings, conference calls, events, camps, retreats and personal contacts.

The conference board plans to seek a temporary contractor, said Dennis Hollinger-Lant, moderator, to review the overall communication needs with a committee and make recommendations for an communication plan.

Your replies to the questions in this commentary will assist in that process, as well as with the news sharing.

Please let us know your needs and how you are already spreading the word about the News.  You may call me at (509) 535-1813, email me at or send the information to me by mail at 1323 S. Perry St., Spokane, WA 99202.


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