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Annual Meeting theme ‘Out on a Limb’ will link
with the fruit, orchards of Central Washington

By Andy CastroLang - Moderator

“Out on a Limb,” the theme for the 2016 PNC Annual Meeting, is based on a quote from American actor, commentator and humorist Will Rogers:  “Of course I go out on a limb, that’s where the good fruit is.”

Our theme for Annual Meeting in Wenatchee April 29 to May 1 is about more than just fruit! It is about the spirit of daring, of risk taking, and of change and possibility that are needed in the church today.  It is about encouraging the spirit of new adventure!

We take as our text the words from the book of Proverbs 25:11: “the right words at the right time are like golden apples in a silver setting.”  

We enjoy playing off the idea that we are meeting in the heart of “Washington apple country.  

You can expect to see apple art, hear apple music, enjoy apple candy while at this Annual Meeting 2016!

We seek “the right words at the right time” to truly create beauty in our churches and in our world. 

The planners of Annual Meeting hope that there will be plenty of opportunity to answer the questions:

• “What are you doing, at the right time, in your own setting?” 

• “What right words do you speak at this time?” 

• “What fruits of the spirit are at work in your church, community  and  setting?”

There will be a variety of worshops, some shorter and some longer.

Rob Leveridge will lead in singing, and offer a workshop too. 

We hope to have an Art Gallery at Annual Meeting 2016, with works from the wonderful creative members of our many diverse churches.  We will have a “gallery opening and wine tasting” to meet and greet the artists and buy their work.

We hope to create a joyous, beautiful and inviting atmosphere

• where you will come to greet friends old and new;

• where you can count on being heartened by good music, good worship, good compa;

• where you will be strengthened by words of hope and possibility, singing with gusto, and sharing new ideas and new companions on the path of love and service! 

Maybe we will even have a flashmob!

For information, call 206-725-8383.



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