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N-Sid-Sen summer camp schedule announced

The theme for the 2020 summer programs for camps at N-Sid-Sen Camp and Conference Center is “This is Our Prayer.” 

Mark Boyd, N-Sid-Sen managing director, speaks at Fall Gathering.

“Some of us speak our thoughts and feelings to God. Others are quiet, settling their hearts to make space for God. Some pray through music, art, or movement. Some pray out loud, while others’ prayers are whispers of the soul,” said Kaila Russell, chair of the Outdoor Ministries Committee on the theme. “Whether we fold our hands and bow or raise them up and look to the sky, God is longing to connect with us. God hears our prayers.”

In this new outdoor ministry resource from InsideOut, campers will explore the shared longings of the human heart and the many different ways Christians have prayed throughout history, she said.
“Through Bible stories and spiritual practices, campers will discover a deeper connection with God and each other and grow into the beloved community of God, where everyone is invited, loved and celebrated for who they are. This is our prayer!” she said.

Each day campers will experience a different prayer practice — a new way of communicating with God — such as a labyrinth, guided meditation, art and call and response. 

The camps will all be at N-Sid-Sen.  Intermediate Camp and Junior High Camps will be July 5 to 11.
Kids Camp will be July 12 to 15, simultaneous with part of Senior High Camp, which is July 12 to 18.

Fuel breaks, new well and shelter enhance N-Sid-Sen

Work is underway at N-Sid-Sen to make improvements on the grounds and to the well.

Views before and after the fire break. Photos courtesy of Mark Boyd

Through U.S. Department of Agriculture grants, N-Sid-Sen is creating fuel breaks.

“We have learned that some shrubs and bushes are fire resistant and some are not. Syringa and Ninebark are good, Oceanspray is not,” said managing director Mark Boyd.

N-Sid-Sen has been working with a local forester to remove standing fuel around camp and create fuel breaks as part of its ongoing forest management.

“We have done this work around all lodges and cabins, as well as along some trails above Syringa Lodge, keeping N-Sid-Sen safe and here for all of our futures,” he said.

Regarding the well and water, Mark said, “it has been a long road but now we have a new well producing clean water and plenty of it (18gpm). We had selected H2O well services at $51,890.18 for the new well. It was drilled and water hooked just in time for big groups in October. It came in $39,643.41 a savings of $12,246.77.”

As soon as the well was in, staff noticed that hot water tanks in Forrester were leaking. This was a project planned for 2020, but it was no longer an option to wait.

“We limped through October with leaking tanks and then replaced two old 80 gallon electric ones with one propane on-demand heater. The cost for that job was just under $5,000, which came from savings on the well,” Mark said.

N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs both had record year income, breaking the million dollar mark for the first time ever. At N-Sid-Sen a couple of things helped achieve that goal. N-Sid-Sen broke $424,000 by adding two new groups, Unitarian Universalist Senior High Camp in July and the Oneness Northwest Sufi Camp. Both week-long groups look forward to a continued partnership.

N-Sid-Sen also had $10,000 income from some forestry work on site. This is a once every 10-to-15-year income.

“While we will see some more income this coming year from the final forestry work, it will only be around $5,000 to $7,000,” said Mark. “We also

New shelter and view from it over the lake.

saw increases in t-shirt and cookbook sales as well as individual donations.

“Thanks to everyone who loves and supports the camps and the ministries that both camps provide,” he said.

Another addition this year is the new shelter built on the trail to the Point of Inspiration. It is designed to host a group of senior and junior high campers for an overnight adventure during summer camp. It will also serve to host some of the five silent groups that call N-Sid-Sen home. The shelter will be finished at the work camp.

“We plan to build two more up on the ridge after we see how this one works out,” he said.

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