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Metaline Falls and Newport UCC team up for mobile market

Newport UCC and Metaline Falls Congregational UCC sponsors and volunteers helped at a Second Harvest Mobile Market from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Nov. 11, at Selkirk High School

Church volunteers feed people in northern Stevens County.  Photo courtesy of Tara Leininger

Twice Metaline Falls Congregational UCC has hosted the Mobile Market. The project is sponsored by the Newport UCC through a grant from the USDA’s SNAP program.

“Six members of our congregation joined 16 from Newport UCC,” said Tara Leininger, pastor of MFCUCC.

“Cars were in line waiting by 9:30 a.m. Volunteers started them through as soon as the mobile market was set up.

“We bagged fresh vegetables—carrots, onions and potatoes—put out cans of tuna, peas and beans, bread, milk, chili mixes, boxed cereal and oatmeal,” she said. “There were fresh flowers for each vehicle.

“Everyone was so grateful,” Tara said.

Most of the volunteers were white-haired, but “energetic and spirit-filled,” she added.

Everything left over went to a drop-off in Metaline Falls, to the Selkirk School District and the food bank in Newport.

“Generosity simply exists in the most wonderful of hands and hearts,” Tara said.

More than 180 families were served in about two hours.

“So many people from our area are in great need,” she said.

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