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Pilgrim Firs hosts series of Warrior PATHH Camps

Pilgrim Firs is both thrilled and honored to be hosting the Northwest Passage Warrior PATHH Camps this fall and through next year.

Warrior PATHH group at Pilgrim Firs joins in song writing.  Photo courtesy of Chris Berry

The third camp Dec. 10 to 16 had six men. There were five in the first camp Nov. 10 to 18, and four in the second Dec. 1 to 9. There will be seven in January and more camps through 2022.

PATHH programs help participants transform struggle to strength. Warrior PATHH is the first program designed to cultivate and facilitate Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) for combat veterans and first responders to find a life worth living after the effects of trauma.

Warrior PATHH programs in the Pacific Northwest are based on sound, proven mental health and wellness principles, and decades of research into the proven framework of Posttraumatic Growth, said Chris Berry assistant director of hospitality at Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center.

“These programs use a unique blend of wellness practices to help participants and their families make peace with their past, live in the present, and begin planning for their future,” he said.

Permission to Start Dreaming for Warrior PATHH class 006 began their lifelong journeys home to jobs and families, where they continue connecting through Monthly Huddles, Post-Traumatic Growth Workshops and Warrior PATHH.

“It is such an honor to walk the path with these incredible human beings,” Chris said. “They put the work in, bonded, shared and learned what it means to #strugglewell.

“The program is defined,” he said. “It is healing, motivational, growth and life-skills oriented.”

The camps have a fitness trainer who works with the participants daily. The program includes transcendental meditation, work in the recently enhanced and rebuilt labyrinth, and equine assisted therapy.

“Their diet while they are with us is an important component of the recovery program,” Chris said. “A wonderful chef, Brittany Palmer, created a specialized menu with no processed food. Our food is important to us. and we enjoy working with PATHH and Brittany to accomplish their end goals.”

As they continue the next 18 months working with their classmates and guides on their wellness practices, they will know that their stories are important and that their struggles will make them stronger.

The program connects men on similar paths and builds teams for them to hold each other accountable.

“To host these brave warriors and their guides is a learning experience for all of us here,” Chris said. “It was profoundly moving and enlightening. These camps reach deeply into our mission and community involvement.”

For information, call 253-273-5930 or email


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