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Annual Meeting 2022 will be online in a new way

Based on current information about COVID-19, the Strategy Team—moderator Hillary Coleman, Vice Moderator Tara Leininger, Conference Minister Mike Denton, Minister for Church Vitality Courtney Stange-Tregear, and the Board—have decided that Annual Meeting 2022 will be online via Zoom Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1 not at Westminster Congregational UCC in Spokane.

They ask members to hold those days as a time to gather with the PNCUCC without overlapping commitments.

This decision is difficult and necessary, because current science is not such that we would honor our covenant to care for one another if we ask people to travel across the conference to gather in person.

We recognize there may be a sense of loss for some for not being able to gather in person, and a sense of relief for others who may not feel comfortable or safe gathering in person. In these are difficult times, it is important that as a Conference we meet in ways that feel safe and inclusive to as many as possible.

We will plan something more than a typical online meeting. We’re thinking about many possibilities, based on science and capacity in the new year. Ideas include inviting small groups to participate and caucus at their churches; creating online small groups to caucus as churches or on issues; having a physical item each can have where we, and adjusting the schedule to accommodate connections.

We will still see what the realities are around public health and technology. We’ll share more in the new year.

This format is specifically for Annual Meeting 2022. Our Conference will have further discussions about how we gather for future annual meetings, considering members’ safety and environmental justice concerns.

We know many members and pastors of color have not felt safe traveling to areas such as Eastern Washington. We also know environmental impacts are important and what many people traveling does to our earth.

To share questions and thoughts with the Annual Meeting Planning Committee, Board, staff and tech folks for a powerful time at Annual Meeting 2022, email


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