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Wade Zick plans to teach English in South America

Wade Zick recently announced his resignation as managing director at Pilgrim Firs.

Wade Zick resigns as managing director at Pilgrim Firs.

“It is with a wide range of emotions that I write about my departure from Pilgrim Firs. It is an emotion of great sadness to be leaving a vibrant, thriving camp ministry that has worked to transform lives, bring healing in many different ways, and provided a space for creativity to flourish. There has been much accomplished in the past seven years that we can be proud of what we accomplished together,” Wade wrote.

“It is also with sheer joy and excitement to announce that Lalo and I are able to move into this next chapter of our lives as we move abroad,” he said.

For 15 years they have been planning this move to set up their new home in Uruguay, which he says is a progressive South American country that was the first nation in the world to legalize gay marriage.

Leaving Pilgrim Firs on Oct. 31, they will first spend time in Spanish language immersion in Mexico with plans to move in 2023 to South America.

Lalo will work as a digital nomad. Wade will complete TEFL certification to teach English.

“It will be a different pace of life,” said Wade, who is grateful for the agreement to allow for a quick departure with plans for a smooth transition.

Pilgrim Firs staff are equipped for this transition with the depth of experience Mark Boyd brings and assistant director, Zac Norenber has along with kitchen manager Ashley Harrington and other part-time hospitality staff, said Wade.

“I leave knowing the camp is in good hands and ready to keep flourishing,” Wade said, also expressing gratitude for the conference.

“Providing ministry leadership in these times is difficult. However, there is always an abundance of hope for a more just-filled world, actions that live out our commitments, and intentions that are prioritized in building relationships across the churches and the conference,” he added.

“Thank you for letting me serve among you and alongside you. This chapter in my ministry career was action-packed and so full of joy,” he said. “I am beyond excited for this next chapter to begin.”

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