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As Midwinters come and go, summer approaches

chairs by fire

Camps are places to relax by fires.
Photo courtesy of Mark Boyd

Although the weather may be a bit dreary or even soggy there’s still a campfire to sit in front of at N-Sid-Sen or Pilgrim Firs, said Mark Boyd, managing director of N-Sid-Sen.

Along with that warm fire beckoning, it’s easy to find warm friends and even warmer food. These are the places to be when it’s time for a break, a time to step away to breathe. 

“Camp is the place to warm the body, the heart and the soul,” he said, inviting peoplt to contact the camps and find out “what is happening at your home at the lake” and to “come home to camp.”

Both camps keep busy throughout the year

welcoming groups of all types— yoga groups, recovery groups, church groups and even a youth gathering or two. 

two campers

Two campers frolick in the sunset by Lake Coeur d'Alene. Photo by Allison Beamer

“The PNC just finished up our two Midwinter gatherings at Pilgrim Firs with great success,” he said, noting that Ginny Springer, 11 years office administrator at Pilgrim Firs, has been serving as the acting managing director since Deeg Nelson resigned as of Jan. 6.

“Many happy campers and tired counselors came home from Midwinter there feeling revitalized and anxiously awaiting summer to arrive,” Mark said.

For those who missed the Midwinter gatherings at Pilgrim Firs, there’s another chance to come sit by the fire at camp.

March 13 to 15, Midwinter  returns to N-Sid-Sen with Dana Sprenkle and Sarah McDonald leading youth on a weekend full of food, fun, faith and frolicking. They are working on the theme of “All In.” 

N-Sid-Sen camps
pilgrim firs camps

The summer curriculum for 2015 is “Power UP! Living in the Spirit.” 

Mark suggested that in a time characterized by the relentless bombardment of information, perpetual connection to the digital universe, and endless texts, tweets and instant messages, camp offers an opportunity to unplug in order to connect in new ways with God and others.

“We invite campers to relish the spotty cell reception of camp and delve into seven scripture passages that reveal the transformative power of the Holy Spirit,” Mark said.

“We will explore many ways to get charged up in the world around and inside us as we gather together in any one of the many events happening at N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs,” he added.

Summer camp brochures are in the mail and registration is open at



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