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Annual Meeting is split to business in spring and education in fall

Last year’s PNC Annual Meeting theme was “Out on a Limb” and challenged everyone all to try and stretch into a different way of being church.

“At that meeting we announced that in 2017, one of the things we’re going to try is doing Annual Meeting itself a little differently,” said Mike Denton, conference minister.

Every year, there are few consistent comments and critiques we receive. There are always some folks who think too much time is dedicated to business and others who think too much time is dedicated to non-business agenda items.

Some have found the costs of the meeting itself difficult, particularly the on site meals and hotel expenses, he said. The quality of the food has also been a concern, too.

“There are always a few folks who ask why we don’t have these gatherings at one of our camps instead of one of the other sites we’ve used,” Mike said. “Again, these comments and questions have come up almost every year.”

So, in 2017 the PNC is going to try something different.

Instead of having one Annual Meeting, this year we’re going to have a one-day business meeting in the spring at Pilgrim Firs and a fall retreat with educational opportunities and spiritual formation opportunities at N-Sid-Sen.

The spring meeting will be where the official discernment work of the conference happens and will fulfill the bylaws requirements. It will be the one where local church delegates are invited to attend and authorized ministers are required to attend.

The fall gathering is still coming together but will be an opportunity for both widening educational and spiritual horizons, as well as time for sabbath. Everyone will be invited to this gathering but no one will be required to attend.

“The costs will be less and we’re looking at a variety of housing options within driving distance,” he said.

“Our camps do a good job adjusting to various dietary concerns and the quality of food is better than most meals¬† in convention centers and hotels,” said Mike.

There will be challenges, too, of course. There are with every site. However the ability to adjust to those challenges will be more in the conference’s control at the PNC camps than a convention center.

“We’re both excited and a little nervous about the possibilities,” said Mike.

Registration materials for the spring meeting will be coming soon.

The spring business meeting will be Saturday, April 29. Church delegates and an authorized minister should to register early.

The fall gathering will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30.

“As we move into the coming days of planning and organizing, we ask for both your prayers and your patience,” Mike said.

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