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Details of PNC’s Annual Meeting are at its blogspot
322 delegates and visitors adopt resolutions, budget

With several people taking video, photos and blogging, Annual Meeting 2010 is online at, with additions May 11 to 18 from the Global Ministries delegation visiting partners in the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea.

The media team shared details of the gathering online.  The team included Ed Evans, Lorna Kropp, Judi Edwards, Ken Colman, Susan Andresen, Michael Carlson and John Eisenhauer. Evans later used it to make posts from Korea.
The 322 delegates and visitors gathered during April in Wenatchee to consider the theme, “Compassion, Communication, Community.”

They discussed and passed resolutions to: 1) support efforts to create a just and equitable tax structure in Washington; 2) advocate abolishing the death penalty and provide resources for congregations to study and discuss the death penalty, and 3) affirm health care coverage for clergy families, some of whom are denied coverage when they seek to return to the national UCC plan after serving a church that does not provide that plan.

Delegates also approved a national UCC constitutional amendment that required authorization of each UCC conference related to ministerial authorization and procedures—including a shift from the term “in care” to “members in discernment” for those studying and preparing for ordained ministry.

Delegates approved the slate of members for the conference board and committees, including suspending the bylaws for the Educational Ministries Committee to operate in four task forces—adult spiritual formation, Christian education ministries, outdoor ministries, and youth and young adult ministries—and then report back.

Edie Lackland of the Stewardship Committee suggested that the 2011 balanced budget includes three-percent salary increases depending on the economy, $10,000 for a communication consultant, $10,000 for additional contract help.
“Our goal is to fund an associate conference minister eventually at $45,000 if the economy and OCWM improve,” she said.

Bing Tso a member of Bethany UCC in Seattle and member of Wider Church Ministries’ board, presented recognition for United Churches in University Place for the highest per capita giving in the UCC to One Great Hour of Sharing, giving $78 per capita in contrast with an average of $5 across the UCC.

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