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PNC gathers 212 scarves at Annual Meeting

Rainbow Scarf Project of the UCC General Synod is a way to challenge bullying

Marj Johnston

Marj Johnston of Dayton UCC describes how rainbow scarves can be tool for opening discussion about bullying and violence, to bring hope and justice to LGBTQ youth.

Marj Johnston, pastor at Dayton UCC, said that given the level of despair because of violence and bullying, the General Synod decision to collect rainbow scarves is a “symbol that we can be people of hope and justice to eliminate language that violates LGBTQ youth.

“I serve in a small community where people say we do not have an issue here with prejudice,” she said, explaining the idea of the scarves.

“We have an opportunity with wearing the scarves to create an experience.  People going to General Synod will pick up and wear a scarf as a sign that we are committed to offer hope by sharing with a person who asks about the what it means to wear the scarf as a sign of blessing, compassion and hope.”

Marj said the scarves were packed and sent to General Synod in California to wear as an opportunity to speak “truth in love” and to educate people about prejudice that continues regarding sexual orientation.

Jane Sorenson

Jane Sorenson sets out scarves at Annual Meeting.

Jane Sorenson at Monroe UCC and friends across the PNC knit, crocheted and wove 212 scarves—as of Annual Meeting—toward the 3,000 hoped for at General Synod.

Among the many who made scarves, Katy Black, friend of Monroe UCC, crocheted 202 from yarn she bought at Goodwill, some among the 212 and 105 sent separately.  

Jane said she knows other churches are sending scarves and other delegates are taking them to General Synod.

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