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Annual meeting passes budget and resolutions

Delegates at the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNC) UCC voted at the Annual Meeting April 24 to 26 in Spokane to accept the proposed budget, two resolutions, a bylaws change, a new church and new leadership.

The budget discussion is on page 8.

• Dennis Hollinger Lant and Meighan Pritchard presented a resolution that will go before General Synod 30 calling for the UCC to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“It builds on a resolution adopted two years ago opposing coal train transport through the state and calling for divesting from fossil fuels,” Meighan said.

Bob Evans, pastor of the Emerge and See UCC in Sandpoint, said that he sees many coal trains and “oil bomb” trains are going through Sandpoint.  He is concerned at how dependency on fossil fuel fosters conflicts.

• Jim CastroLang of First Congregational in Colville presented a resolution calling for Just Peace in Israel and Palestine.  The vote was to endorse the resolution prepared by the national UCC and instruct delegates.

The goal is to educate people to empower economic leverage, political pressure and interreligious dialogue, he said. 

“Maps back to 1970 show how Palestinian lands have been taken.  We hear how Palestinians are treated,” he said.

Part of it is also a “call to action” to boycott and divest from companies supporting the occupation of Palestine, for us to give up billions in military support for weapons used against Palestinains and products like Caterpiller, Motorola (surveillance) and HP, part of 600 check points inhibiting Palestinians from going to work, shopping or worship, he said.

• A proposed bylaws change was passed that extends the moderator’s term to a choice of one or two years in order to facilitate some continuity in conference business.

• On recommendation of the Church Development Committee, the Emerge and See Church in Sandpoint was accepted into the conference.

• With new nominations added to the PNC committees, the slate of new officers and leaders on those committees was adopted. 

New leaders were then installed.

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